Thursday, April 30

Top 3's with Clash The Disco Kids /&+ Exclusive Mix

Clash The Disko Kids (CTDK) is a Singapore electro-techno-house trio consisting of DJ Itchi, Kurt and Weili. Together as Clash The Disko Kids, they have been formidable on the dance floors as Singapore’s most popular electronic group. With over 15 years turntable experience between them, and a blatant disregard for music genres, they are known for incorporating a strong rock influence into their sets and image.

A CTDK set is like one big lesson in the history of electronic music in one night! You can only expect a mural of sounds when CTDK go behind the decks. Out of nowhere, the trio seemed to have emerged out of the concrete jungle and reinvented the clubbing landscape in Singapore, putting their own sick twists towards music such as adding samples, accapellas and sound fx to their DJ sets and just about everything around it to put smiles on the clubbers’ faces and hands in the air. The result is something really quite exciting and definitely very refreshing!

First and foremost, what have been the top 3 tracks of April 09 for Clash The Disko Kids?

  1. Motor - Death Rave
  2. Rob Threezy - The Change Up (Jokers of The Scene Remix)
  3. Tiga - Overtime

If you were to play hosts for some tourists in Singapore, what would be the top 3 nights spots you would take them to?

  1. Home
  2. The Butter Factory
  3. Zouk

Who is next on CTDK remix list?

Currently, there's none. We're focusing on our own original materials, recording an EP.

Lets imagine an senario in which every record label was offering g free sessions with their producers. Which 3 producers would we see CTDK's with?

  1. Soulwax
  2. Erol Alkan
  3. Tiga

On the topic of the "blogspehere" can you give us your top 3 dont's of blogging.

  1. Do not post leaked tracks.
  2. Do not post tracks ripped from set
  3. Support the artists' music, buy their tracks

What are your top 3 sources for new music?

  1. Beatport
  2. Discussion forums
  3. Blogs

BONUS: You can't get mch more of a bonus than an exlusive mix. The mixed delivered upon request was accompannied by the following words: "back to our roots, acid and deep techno. Cheers." Dopeness. For May here is Clash The Disco Kids "EVERYTIME, EVERYWHERE, ANYWAY, ACID" Mix. Enjoy.


  1. ZZT - Lower State of Consciousness
  2. Motor - Death Rave
  3. Dahlback & Dahlback - Forsberg Loves The Acid
  4. The Rogue Element - Hive
  5. DJ Rush - Motherfucking Bass (Popof Remix 1)
  6. Popof - The Chomper (LSD Version)
  7. Tiga - Overtime
  8. Zyntherius & The Dove - Synthesizer
  9. Kolombo - Sniff
  10. Mike Mind - Acid Machine
  11. Acid Girls - The Number Song (Jokers of The Scene Taking Acid To Make Music To Talk To Girls Remix)
  12. Zoo Brazil & Adam Sky - Circle Jerk (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)
  13. Rob Threezy - The Change Up (Jokers of The Scene Remix)
  14. Retro Grade - Moda

Saturday, April 25

Sweet Spain & German Street + Pong

I just spotted this Max Gaertig part on Soul BMX where you can watch it larger or watch it hurr:

Also Sunday posted their Up Up and Away pictures on their site and this one of Ian Schwartz blew me away. How the fuck do you 360 something this steep?!

See the entire set HERE and play some pong while you're at it.

I would also like to plug some cool food sites I'm visiting regularly (I'm hungry) starting with THIS IS WHY YOU'RE FAT where cooking 7 birds inside one another and deep frying everything is a way of life. Last but not least is SCANWHICHES, take random sandwiches and place them on a flatbed scanner after cutting them in half and scan them bitches. You like apples?

Friday, April 24

Ay Sea Sea Reporting 15

Feeling the track: Teachers Suck by Tom Green

Hey guys I like posting on I R, if you notice a slowdown on posts is because I'm creating art works at craft club at the 200 Block of Main St, Penticton. So if you like the art on these posts definitely check it out and I'll hook you up fat for small coin same goes for blank canvas's for all you painters!

Wednesday, April 22

Top 3's with Sam Spiegel (N.A.S.A.)

Sam Spiegel is a composer, producer, DJ and remixer who launched his music career after heading west from his hometown of New York and began DJ'ing clubs and events around Los Angeles. Not long after, his annual signature party SUDs gathered celebrities and cool kids at unconventional venues in Los Angeles, including a laundromat and a car wash. Sam has spun everywhere – from award shows and clubs to premieres and parties and fashion shows in Japan, Brazil, Morocco, Canada, Australia, England and all over the US.??Spiegel frequently collaborates with his brother, filmmaker Spike Jonze. Notably, he scored and compiled the soundtrack for the Jonze-directed cult classic "Yeah Right!" (the top-selling skateboard movie of all time), and the two worked together with Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs on an Adidas commercial that won the Gold Lion for Best Music at the 2005 Cannes International Advertising Festival and Silver for Original Music at the 2006 Clio Awards.?

While Spiegel has produced and remixed tracks for Maroon 5, Iggy Pop, Kylie Minogue, the Eels, Ben Lee, the Cardigans and many more, 2006 marked the first Squeak E. Clean fully-produced album. Show Your Bones, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs sophomore record, was named "Album of the Year" by the likes of Rolling Stone, NME, and Spin, and was nominated for a Grammy for best alternative album. Most recently, Spiegel contributed songs to the highly-anticipated documentary film Beautiful Losers, which documents many of the artists who have contributed artwork to the N.A.S.A project, including Shepard Fairey, Barry McGee and Mark Gonzalez. He also scored "EA Skate 2" for Electronic Arts.

After the Spirit Of Apollo and all of your guest collabs. Which 3 artists do you have yet to collab with?

  1. Beethoven,
  2. James Brown,
  3. Led Zeplin
Which are the top 3 tracks that N.A.S.A. has yet to remix?
  1. Putting on the Ritz,
  2. You Got the Touch,
  3. You're the Best Around
As such an accomplished producer what are the top 3 tips you give to fans who are looking to make a career for themselves in the music industry?
  1. Study music theory,
  2. be true to your taste,
  3. surround yourself with people you trust.

What are your top 3 tracks of April 09?

  1. N.A.S.A. - Gifted featuring Kanye West, Lykke Li and Santigold []
  2. DJ Mehdi- Pocket Piano []
  3. Santigold - Shove it []
And your top 3 albums of April 09?
  1. TV on the Radio - Dear Science
  2. Animal Collective - Merriweather Post Pavilion
  3. N.A.S.A. - The Spirit of Apollo
You are no stranger to music festivals, which are the top 3 you recommend?
  1. Coachella []
  2. O2 Wireless []
  3. Sonar []
This is an important one here at I R Minus. Who or what are your top 3 sources for new music?
  1. []
  2. []
  3. []
And finally who might be the top 3 up and coming artists in your mind that people should be sure to keep an eye on?
  1. N.A.S.A. []
  2. Lykke Li []
  3. Santigold []

My Robot Ears #64

The Summer of George

I just spotted on RED that Ten Pack bmx will he having a summer tour dubbed the "Re-Session Tour" with stops all over Canada and featuring riders such as the Animal team, Alistair Whitton, Travis Sexsmith, Chris Martindale, Jaumell Campbell, Harrison Boyce, Jay Miron, Chris Silva,Chris Doyle, Sean Sexton, Darryl Tocco, Jay Rowe, James Steele, Karl Engstrom, Rob Wise, Andy Roode, Dan Lacey, Mark Love, Max Vincent, Ryan Berrette, Brian Yeagle, Matt Beyers, Tobias Wicke and Sam Lowe just to name them all.

The tour is spilt up between the east and west coast so its looks like the Federal, Verde and We The People riders are on the west and the rest are in the east. So mark your calendar (GABE!!!!) for August 8th when the Federal team (Dan Lacey, Mark Love and Max Vincent) invade Penticton for the Inferno Jam and then head into Kelowna for another jam on the 9th.

All info can be seen here

This shall be the summer where no girlfriend, job or any responsibilities shall get in the way of riding. I have wasted my last 2 summers so this one is not getting away from me. This is "The Summer of George"

Tuesday, April 21

The Japanese Popstars - Rise Of Ulysses

Holy fuck this is a solid track. Visit the Japanese Popstars here.

Ay Sea Sea Reporting 13 & 14 Double the Dosage

Live painting done downtown by WillPill with Natalie and Vince.
Feeling the track: Y.O.U. Asher Roth ft. Slick Rick
Gabe sporting a prototype I R MINUS shirt.
Feeling the track: Water Street Sam by Sweatshop Union

Monday, April 20

Top 3's with iamxl

A quick top 3's here with our latest contributor. Read along.

As a Vancouver resi what are your top 3 favourite venues?

  1. Celebrities (sound, lights, atmosphere, the closest thing Vancouver has to the mega club experience)
  2. The Lotus (an institution, what more can I say)
  3. Hard to say... a third, there are so many venues that can be decent on any given night; lots of new parties happening around though, the Saturdays at the Biltmore, No More Strangers at Funky Winkerbeans, I respect those trying to do something different and choosing alternative venues. Vancouver's nightlife can be a bit bland, lots of choice, but most of the choices all look and sound the same. Difference is good!
What are your top 3 tracks of April 09?

  1. Booty Cologne - Shake What Your Mama Gave You (feed the monkey remix)
  2. Oli Ple ft McNasty - Play that Shit (right hand barber remix)
  3. The Bloody Beetroots ft. Steve Aoki - Warp (iamxl hustle & flow remix) []

Who are the top 3 producers you would like to collaborate with?

  1. Bob Rifo,
  2. Dave Taylor,
  3. Norman Cook (as if any of these would ever happen, but hey, a guy can always dream)
Vancouver has an excellent list of shows for 09, what are your top 3 most anticipated?
  1. Bloc Party will be fun, i was there for a dj slot with them at Barfly in London, Kele likes to have good time, I think Vancity peeps will dig it. There have already been so many big shows in town this year,
  2. The Bloody Beetroots blew the roof off of Celebrities.
  3. Crystal Castles will be a good gig, their production is on point!
  4. Peaches seldom disappoints.
  5. Hercules and Love Affair will have Aeroplane with them here, and they have been on fire the last year. Ok, that is way more than 3, sorry, ruining your format here.
Who are some people who are repping the Vancouver scene in a major way (this doesn't have to be top 3 necessarily)?

Vancouver is becoming a major, major player on the international scene and is key spot for most international talent on their way through North America. I think some people to watch out for are
  1. CircleSquare [], he is in Berlin now but definitely is reppin' the city.
  2. My friends, Deadbots [] are making some big waves out of Dublin, also
  3. Fan Death are busy girls these days [] just a shame, most artists need to leave the city to really get some serious recognition.
On the subject of 2010 (after receiving your mix) what are the top 3 things that the city of Vancouver should hasn't been on top of (lets call this a priority list for city council)?
  1. Well obviously the issue of homelessness is huge. It's funny growing up in Vancouver, you never really get much perspective on how bad the issue is. Once you leave and have a chance to see other major cities in the world you realize "oh wait, other cities aren't like this". Vancouver's treatment of those people who so desperately need care and assistance is shameful.
  2. The city needs to relax on this whole potential bottled water ban, I agree its wasteful to use and toss out so many plastic bottles, but do you actually expect 2 million Olympic tourists to arrive in town carrying their own re-usable aluminum bottles? Maybe if they provided more places to recycle bottles, that would be a good place to start.
  3. Also, they need to provide better late night transit services. I know there are plenty of safety reasons why the sky train can't operate later than it does, but there needs to be some compromise, at least keep it open later on weekends.

My Robot Ears #63

Original artwork by Toro-Garland.

Introducing: Right Hand Barber

Where do we start!? RHB is a busy guy. Before becoming "Right Hand Barber", he was better know as Dj Kamm. A new comer to the Vancouver dj circuit, he quickly became one of the most talked about up and coming dj's in the city. In his two years, he already held 6 weekly residency's and had played along side such big names as Hed Kandi, Dabruck and Klein, Lazy Rich, Groove Rebels, and Canada's own JELO. In 2008, he went to Germany to play some of the biggest clubs in the world, such as Cocoon Club in Frankfurt and Airport Club in Wuerzburg.

Flashing forward to today...he is djing under the alias Right Hand Barber to start his producing career, and already signed to Stereo Soul Recordings, and has remixes coming out on cRANK, Big Fish, Sovereign Records, Live To Tape and Plasmapool Recordings.

This track rocks and is for sure one of my top jams this month!   
if you like, go buy it from

Looking for something a bit longer? Check out his mini-mix for April!


01. 2 Bit Thugs- A Good Look (Stupid Fresh Mix) 
02. Kyle Watson- Doubting You (Original Mix) 
03 Tom EQ- Skewer (Original Mix) 
04. The Body Snatchers- I Like What I See (HiJack Mix) 
05. Olli Ple Ft. McNasty- Play That Shit (Right Hand Barber Mix)
06. Bootyslapperz Ft. Edison- Pump Repeat (Mowgli Mix)
07. Clark Able- Lemon Head (Crookers Mix)
08. Right Hand Barber- PRTY (Original Spank MIx)
09. Sean Biddle Ft. Krukid- Direct Connection (Paul Anthony And ZXX Mix)
10. AC Slater- Rock It Out (Scott Cooper Remix)

total run time: 24 minutes 



Ay Sea Sea Reporting 12

Feeling the track: I Fought The War by Lee Kid Produced by Nicky Nicks

Sunday, April 19

Deaf Paul

I thought this was really good, chainless is always fun.

Take Notes: iamxl, Love & Caring/ edits, Fish

Ok, first and foremost we have a new contributor to be accredited. Vancouver's iamxl will be posting whenever his time permits. It's a busy life being a DJ, you understand. Happy to have him aboard and be sure to check back for his updates.

#2, youtube. I've recently noticed that my subscriber count on my youtube is currently situated at 102. Dope. I from now on will be posting ALL of my footy there, even the unusable clips. Frequent updates are goood, feel free to subscribe haha.

omg. - Love & Caring is currently featured on No Bikes and will hopefully show up on Broken VCR soon.

Fish has now been added to our rider list and contributor list. He will be handling the BMX news portion of the site with Rick.


Billy Joel - For The Longest Time (iamxl B'more Remix) []

Saturday, April 18

Ay Sea Sea Reporting 11

Feeling the track: Rap Phenomenon by Notorious BIG ft Redman & Method Man

iamxl - Vancouver 2010 - 20 Minutes 10 Tracks Mix

Everyone in BC is very well aware of the 2010 Olympics and all off the financial burdens that it has spread about (that's pretty much all you hear about). This seems to be the case wherever the Olympics go, it's just such a huge event. It'll pass. So, Vancouver's own iamxl has put a positive spin on the whole affair with his latest mix:


  1. Tourism Vancouver Video
  2. Sis - Nesrib
  3. Guy Gerber - Full Moon
  4. Hobo - Failsafe
  5. Liciano Esse & Tony D - Instabul
  6. Format B - Something Suitable
  7. Late of the Pier - Bathroom Gurgle (Tomski remix)
  8. Fredski & Tomas Barfod - March on Swan Lage
  9. DOP - Blanche Neige
  10. Joy Division - Atmosphere (iamxl remix)

Thursday, April 16

Freddy D on Tom Green

Black Holes - I'm A Beast

Chicago hyphy crew The Black Holes sent along their latest release "I'm A Beast." This sounds as though it should be be incorporated into a Clash The Disco Kids mix. Without further adieu I bring to you...

Henok Achido - Pusher (Ultimate Eaglehawk Remix)

Henok Achido's debute album "Almaz Charming Child" was given amazing feedback among music critics who claimed it was one of the best swedish hip-hop albums for a long time. Tonight Henok will perform as opening act for gangsta rap pioneer Ice Cube in Stockholm, Sweden.

"No Nigga, I Don't Know Jigga"

This here kids bike doesn't get ridden to much you can probably tell by the following bike check. I am however stoker on the color scheme. Waddup doe. Filming, chilling and chatting tend to pass my time at the skate parks which I do not frequent.

Frame: Fly Diablo (Brake lugs ground down)

Forks: Federal 20/20

Bars: Mutiny Scenester Bars (Won in Mutiny Bikes Sceneter Comp.)
Barend: Kink Light

Grips: Demolition Waffle

Stem: Animal Jump Off (10% off )

Headset: Tank

Seat: Duo

: Macneil Stump

Seat clamp: ...
Sprocket: Animal Sprockey Balboa

Crank: Primo Powerbites

Chain: Piece of shit

Pedals: Primo Tenderizers Sealed

Rims: Norco some shit (front), Sun street rim (rear)

Tires: Garbage (front), Animal GLH (rear)

Black TAR BMX!!!!!

Injecting the blog with more bmx, much like one would inject black tar heroin. I'm at the IR MINUS HQ visiting the Pen for the week soaking up some sun, living off skittles and perogies and listening to gabes wild music collection (when not riding) so might as well post a bike check so hurr it is:

FRAME: Mutiny Nocturnal 20.75

Fork: Odyssey Dirt

Cranks: Redline Device 175mm(those mother fuckers are on there for good)

Sprocket: Tree 28 tooth spline drive

Pedals: Animal Hamiltons plastic like the bitches

Stem: Super Rat (Fbm protect ya neck)

Bars: Seshin Chilko (cut down an inch)

Grips: Odi Longnecks (the best ,the best, the best)

Brakes: Fly

Brake Lever: Dia Tech Dirty Harry

Cable: 1664 Death

Pegs: Old Macneil (before they got "Fasionably" light )

Seat: Macneil Fat Capitol

Post: Macneil

Seat Clamp (Ya I still use one) : Demolition

Front Wheel: Macneil Hub laced to a Alex Supra B and Fit Rubber

Rear Wheel: Profile hub & guard with 10 tooth ti driver laced to a Araya RB-J1 and Fit rubber

Chain: SHITTY KMC, I need a Whipperman chain (PLUG PLUG PLUG)

Rail Manual Warm Up By: Gabe Pitman

Tuesday, April 14

The Kickdrums - When I Come Down

About a week ago, well... two weeks ago The Kick Drums released a video for this track and people kept asking for the mp3, so here it is. Courtesy of The Kickdrums.

Take Note: Look out for the Just A Game video "which will be on the way sooner than you think."

Saturday, April 11

Ay Sea Sea Reporting 10

Feeling the track: On The Moon (Make It Boom) by Young L

"this shit too fuckin clean, put you in a ma-fuckin' trance" - Young L of The Pack

Mutiny Spring 08 Web Video

Afghan Raiders do Omaha

Aight aight, since our Top 3's with the Afghan Raiders they have done did some new remix's frrr yall. One of The Faint and one of Broken Spindles. The theme is, Omaha. (Right Click Save As). Courtesy of The Afghan Raiders.

The Faint - Mirror Error (Afghan Raiders Remix)
Broken Spindles - The Moist Red Mess (Afghan Raiders Remix)

Friday, April 10

A to Z of Filming by Joe Cox

The one true filmer/ rider Joe Cox has a A to Z article about filming on Ride UK. If you're into BMX then you most definitely have seen Voices and have no doubt felt the hype over Tomorrow We Work. He has set the standard for filming BMX as it is today so be sure to check this article out.

Ay Sea Sea Reporting 9

Feeling the track: Show Ya G-Stro by Busta Rhymes Feat. Pharrell

Will Smith - Miami (Laidback Luke Bootleg)

Feels like summer today. Thanks to The Docking Station for the track.

Thursday, April 9

The Submarines - 1940 (Amplive Remix)

Had the ol ipod on shuffle yesterday while studying some arithmatic and this bad ass track came up. Not to familiar with The Submarines at this point but that will soon change. As far as Amplive goes I've been a consistant listener since Linkin Parks remix album where he did a stellar remix of A Place For My Head featuring Zion. Enjoy.

The Submarines - 1940 (Amplive Remix) []

Wednesday, April 8


Yip-Yip is Brian Esser and Jason Temple, two 25 year-old roommates & band mates. Formed in 2001 the band has proceeded to leave their mark on whomever they pass. You have to admit matching black and white checkered jumpsuits aren't something you see everyday. If you ever get a chance to, you should make sure to do so. The band is currently in studio and granted me an interview. I was worried my questions were on the boring side but things panned out quite well in the end. Thank you Brian.

Q: For anyone who might not know, who are you and where are you from?
A: Hi, I am Brian. I am one half of Yip-Yip, or Yip 2. I am from Illinois. Jason is from Connecticut. We both live in a house just outside of Orlando, Florida

Q: In most instances when I come across Yip-Yip I see you guys in your matching black and white checkered jumpsuits. Is it safe to say this is your guy's niche?
A: I guess it's becoming our niche. We have been using checkers in our last few costumes now, and I plan on working it into our next costumes too. It's a simple idea we had on tour, that surprisingly worked out well, and it's easily our favorite costume we've done so far. The past couple costumes have been modifications to that first checkered costume that make it easier to get into live, or easier to wear on tour all the time.

Q: You share the name Yip Yip with the Sesame Street hand puppets the Yip-Yips. Were these characters where you got your name from?
A: Actually, I think the Sesame Street aliens were called "Bob & Joe Martian", they just said "Yip" a lot. But yeah, almost everyone thinks that, including myself early on, but it wasn't until one of our first interviews a long time ago that it came out that it wasn't from Sesame Street. Jason swears it came from random ideas for a band name when we were trying to think of a good band name, and that was the one we liked best.

Q: How long have the two of you been making music together?
A: We started Yip-Yip in 2001, so 8 years now.. Crazy.

Q: Initially Yip-Yip began as studio recording duo and then you moved to doing live shows. Do you have a preference to recording over performing live?
A: I like the song writing & recording parts the best, but I also really like the planning that goes into making a new live set, or making a new live set up. We are basically doing that now. We are writing a new album, soon we will record it, and as we record it, we will also be preparing it to play live soon after. It's crazy, and it's a lot of work, and a lot of headaches, but usually at the end of it all, it's awesome to figure it all out.

Q: Not a lot of artists do their own live sets, but you guys do. Matching outfits, design, the works. Would you consider yourselves be be performing artists to any extent?
A: I would like to think that. We started the band as a "Performance Art" band, because we didn't have a way to play the music live at first, so we made videos and art for our live shows. It was a cool idea at first, but we quickly realized that it would be impossible to come up with a new show for every show, plus we really wanted to get a live music set figured out, so it's now way more about the music than the art side, but we try to do it as much as we can too.

Q: In addition to doing your own sets you also do your own artwork for your records while being signed to a label. Will this always be something that Yip-Yip fans can expect?
A: Yes, that is something I always want us to do. And hopefully more of it in the future.

Q: Is there one of you in particular that leads or is in charge of art direction, or is it a collaborative effort?
A: It is a great collaboration both with the music and the art. With the art, I do all of the drawings, and Jason helps cut it up make it fit to whatever we are making it for.

Q: Can you name some of the out of the ordinary instruments you guys use in your recordings?
A: We love music with old synthesizers and drum machines, and music with horns, especially saxophones. Those are main parts of our sound. We also use a lot of synthesized percussion sounds like marimba and vibraphone. We try to use those as much as possible, because it always sounds cool to us. We also use a lot of old weird musical toys. We have a ton of neat stuff we've collected over the years, and now the main challenge is to use all of it.

Q: How do your songs get their titles, do you have a process?
A: Not really, each album there has been some sort of weird random way we would make the names. The last album were all funny word combinations that we got from spam e-mails. The song names we have so far for this album we are working on come from random 3 to 4 letter words that print out as stickers at Jason's work. We are trying to start to do vocals in Yip-Yip now, so some of those songs, with those song names, we are trying to make lyrics for them that fit the random goofy song name, because we already feel like that is the name of the song. We might have to change some, because I don't know what a song name like "Fry Hats" could be about.

Q: On your website I noticed that you guys have your own video game. How did that come about?
A: My dad made us our website, and he makes video games too, so he thought it would be cool to put one on the site. We have been wanting to make a real Yip-Yip video game for the site for years now, but we never really seem to find the time around writing music, touring, and our normal jobs. Hopefully some day soon we can work on that, maybe after this album is done.

Q: Well thank you for doing this interview with me. Is there anything you would like to add?
A: Thank you Gabe! No that's it really, just let me know where you end up posting this online so I can post the link online for people. Thanks for sending this, I hope the answers are okay and not too boring!! See ya



From Borat to Bruno. Sacha Noam Baron Cohen's third character from Ali G the Gay Austrain fashion reporter, Bruno. Borat mania was one thing but Bruno mania? dunno how it's all gonna play out but this one manged to get itself an R rating. Which Sex In The City girl are you!?

The Kickdrums - Fading In And Out

Sadly I am no stranger to procrastination. These ones have been sitting in my in box for... well at LEASTE a month now. The Mp3's were accompanied by the following message:

"In case you not familiar with us we're The Kickdrums
from Cleveland, Ohio. We've produced for a lot of hip hop artist such as Chamillionaire, 50 cent, Kid Cudi and many more. We've also done official remixes for acts such as Kanye West, Fall out Boy and Adele. Most recently we have started releasing our own material as artists."

Relentless - "new songs 4 u!"

Relentless of San Franciso sent over these five "new songs 4 u" with no descriptions or anything like that. Maby they felt their simply giving people five new tracks for their Ipod is an easy, and generous way of accumulating some new fans. Or at least some views the their Myspace. Either way these are some good tunes "4 u!" Right click save as to dl these ones.

Relentless - GEO600 (Original Mix)
Relentless - Mono Love (Original Mix)
Relentless - Mono Love (Stereo Heroes Remix)
Relentless - Mono Love (After Midnight Remix)
Mephisto Odyssey - Supa Chron (Relentless Remix)

Matt Desson

Aaron got the rest of Four Corners up last night. Dessons part and one David Clays part both have some sexellent riding. Theres a bit of a write up on No Bikes there for you. And I think there are still some copies of Four Corners available here.

David Clay

Tuesday, April 7

Ay Sea Sea Reporting 8

Feeling the track: We Made You by Eminem

Kikumoto Allstars - House Music LP

Hot off the critical and commercial success of previous International Deejay Gigolo single releases –“Jack The House” and “House Music” – Melbourne, Australia’s Kikumoto Allstars
(aka DJ/Producer Cam Farrar)is back with his long awaited debut artist album House Music.

House Music expands on the early glimpses of brilliance his previous singles offered. The thirteen tracks here take us back to the classic Chicago Acid House sound of legends including Marshall Jefferson, Larry Heard, DJ Pierre, Lil Louis and Adonis. This is a journey filled with the finest elements of the classic Acid House sound - screaming acidic 303 basslines, sizzling hi-hats, minimalist vocals and wonderful melodies. Intentionally retro, Kikumoto Allstars’ music is informed by today's dance with innovative arrangements and twisted, peaking crescendos. The Kikumoto Allstars remind us that acid house music is back and bigger than ever!

“Everybody” is a real throwback to the forefathers of the scene. The powerful electro bassline drives through the track with “the man” demanding that you “move your body / jack your body.” Who could resist? “I’ll Make You Jack” certainly needs no explanation. The tracks does just what the title says with a wobbly 303, crunching hi-hats and signature acid house vocals. “Can't Stop The House” proves that gals can jack just as hard as the fellas. This one chugs along on a thick bassline and has some chick-infused vocals to boot. “Bending Time” goes off in a darker and stranger direction. This is some intergalactic acid house for the sci-fi jacker among us. “DCO” and “Last Train To Chi-Town” are all about melody. Glorious synths are prominent on both tracks and it provides for some seriously epic stuff. “Sagittarius” and “Just A Feelin” offer the more subdued side to acid house and work perfectly in a hazy afterhours club while the reflective “Warehouse Days” provides a first hand account of that the scene was like…back in the warehouse days. “Jack The House” ends the more chill portion of the disc and fires back with some wicked 303 bullets and synth-stab rockets. It’s a crazy track that more than lives up to its name. “Shed” is all about Bass Expansion! The bass here is swarming and huge – push the bass booster, stand in front of the speaker and feel the breeze! “House Music” is the title track of this LP and Kikumoto Allstars previous EP release. It sums up the entire project in name and sound. “Walk The Talk” marries Acid House with rave synths and it’s a real throwback. Those synths are addicting!

Kikumoto Allstars AKA Cam Farrar was first drawn to electronic music when he saw Devo on Australian television in the early 1980’s. As a teenager, inspired by punk and new wave, Farrar began his career in bands, hitting the skins and song writing. With the 90’s dance music revolution underway Farrar was swept up. Australia was now experiencing it’s own halcyon days with warehouse and bush parties beating through the musical landscape. The DIY ethos of dance appealed and Farrar quickly picked up the skills.

Kikumoto Allstars music is produced with all analogue synthesizers and drum machines including the famous Roland range (TR-909, TR-808, TR-707, SH-101, Juno range, Jx-8p and of course the TB-303 which started the acid house revolution), paying homage to Tadao Kikumoto, the brains behind these now legendary machines.

House Music LP Track listing:

1. Everybody
2. I’ll Make You Jack
3. Can’t Stop The House
4. Bending Time
5. DCO
6. Last Train To Chi-Town
7. Sagittarius
8. Warehouse Days
9. Just A Feelin’
10. Jack The House
11. Shed
12. House Music []
13. Walk The Talk

10LEC6 - Fleas To Beas

If Slipknot were to have their own Sesame Street Esq. TV show it would look and sound something like this. 10LEC6 Myspace.

Monday, April 6

Kid Cudi - I Poke Her Face

Sampling Lady Gaga's Poker Face comes Kid Cudi with a jem of a title.

Take Notes:

Post My Robot Ears #63 has been removed by the DMCA.

Saturday, April 4

Ay Sea Sea Reporting 7

Kenny Hotz has a new tv show. Yea that guy who's a complete dick on Kenny vs Spenny has a tv show he created, you can only imagine. It's free and streaming on!

Feeling the show: Testees Season 1
International viewers will need to download

Friday, April 3

Clash The Disco Kids - Cheese Steak Mixtape

This is like the 4th CTDK mix I've posted lately, but the exclusive for has been removed by request.

Track listing:

  1. Clash The Disko Kids - Sirens Intro
  2. 2 Unlimited - Get Ready For This (Stasio Basic Electro Club Mix)
  3. Hatiras - Something About You
  4. Project Bassline - Drop The Pressure (Jack Beats Remix)
  5. The Bloody Beetroots - Rombo (Dirty Disco Youth Remix)
  6. Tiga - Mind Dimension (NT89 & Shinichi Osawa Remix)
  7. Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal (LAZRtag Remix)
  8. Nadastrom - Pussy
  9. Blatta & Inesha - Revolution
  10. Aerotronic - Frequency
  11. Gingy - Swagger
  12. Mellow - When Onions Burst (Geht’s Noch Remix)
  13. Keatch ft. Geht’s Noch - Call It Love (Congorock Remix)
  14. Wolfgang Gartner - Flashback
  15. Midfield General - Disco Sirens (Blacklight Flashlight Remix)
  16. Gooseflesh - Wet (Fukkk Offf Remix)
  17. Tits & Clits - Armageddon
  18. Heartsrevolution - Ultraviolence (Streetlife DJs Remix)
  19. Xinobi - BMX (Moulinex)
  20. Layo & Bushwacka - Let The Good Times Roll
  21. Rank 1 - L.E.D There Be Light

Take Notes:

Mountblood had a set @ the Republic nightclub this past March 22nd and we gots photos of it. Thanks to Wai-Lee Reid for shooting the event. I'll have the pics loaded up tonight or tomorrow (just in the midst of re-sizing).

Other than that it's a new month, more top 3's & interviews can be expected.

Radiozero Podcast #57

Radio Zero has been doing up a radio show every Friday on CiRT Radio @ 101.9 of your FM Dial, just before Nardwuar The Human Serviette's show at 2PM. Catch it if you can. Here is podcast 57:

Track listing:

  1. Tiga - Love Don't Dance Here Anymore
  2. Rogue Cat - Magic Journey (Todd Terje Remix)
  3. John Talabot - Don't Leave Me
  4. Runaway - Putting In Overtime
  5. XXXCHANGE - (Frankie Knuckles vs. Animal Collective Bootleg)
  6. La Roux - In For the Kill (Lifelike Remix)
  7. Dances With White Girls - Girlsbug
  8. AAE - Magic Wizard

Cover art by Damian Correll who has done design work for Zoo York, Rome Snowboards and more. Peep it.

Nardwuar vs. N.E.R.D

Top 3's with The Disco Villains

Today's edition of top 3's comes from Arizona's own Disco Villains. A bit late for the March top tracks because they are currently submerged in their euro tour. It's great to add these guys to the list because they remain to be one the most diverse groups when it comes to remixes/ From the Backstreet boys to Nine Inch Nails and back to Daft Punk. Not even Limp Bizkit is off limits for these guys. If it wasn't danceable before the Disco Villains, it is now. If it was danceable before, it's raveable now. These villains made mention within the following answers I received as to what remixes they have in mind for the near and upcoming future. It's a two parter. Stalk them at their Myspace here.

What are your top 3 tracks this March?
  1. Sounds of Stereo - Heads Up (The Bloody Beetroots RMX)
  2. Proxy - Raven (Crookers RMX)
  3. Tiga - Mind Dimension (The Disco Villains RMX)

What are your top 3 Canadian Venues?

we don't know any Canadian venues since we've never been there.. but we hope to get some Canadian bookings this year..

oh. Top 3 venues abroad then.

  1. Orange County's "BAD OC"
  2. Anywhere in Austin, Texas.
  3. Anywhere in Guadalajara, Mexico.

What are the top 3 tracks that you are looking to remix?

  1. The Bloody Beetroots ft. Steve Aoki - WARP
  2. MSTRKRFT - Fist Of God
  3. Jessica Mauboy - Burn (SICK TRACK!)

Top 3 sources for new music:

  1. Tony's hard drive
  2. The Hype Machine []
  3. Steve Aoki's Monthly email

What are your top 3 fave pick up lines?

  1. "Hi, I'm Tony from The Disco Villains"
  2. "Hi, I'm Tony from The Disco Villains"
  3. "Hi, I'm Tony from The Disco Villains"


Top 3 tracks of March 09:

  1. Future Flash - Get Down the Funk (The disco Villains Remix)
  2. The Disco Villains - Get the Party Started
  3. Sound Of Stereo - Heads Up ( Bloody Beetroots Remix)/The Futureheads - I Wouldn't Be Like This if You Were Here (Andy George Remix)

Top 3 non Canadian venues:

  1. Guadalajara Mexico
  2. Mexicali Baja California
  3. Tijuana Baja California

What are the top 3 tracks that you are looking to remix?

  2. Ashner - I love College

Top 3 sources for new music:

  1. Our Friends around the world
  2. []
  3. Beatport []

What are your top 3 fave pick up lines?

  1. Hey, Do you know how much a polar bear weighs ? enough to break the ice hi im tony. Hi im tony
  2. Do u wanna come to my place for sex and pizza? No!!!! what you dont like pizza

Thursday, April 2

Macneil Trails Edit

Some of the Macneil team riding Vancouver trails- including Kym Grosser, Mic Bayzand, Wade Lajlar, and Harrison Boyce

Wednesday, April 1

Colin Munroe - Piano Lessons (Felix Cartal Remix)

Ay Sea Sea Reporting 6

Feeling the track: Woo Hah by Busta Ryhmes ft. ODB

Jacuzzi Killers mix + remixes

Jakae over @ Jacuzzi Killers just sent over a mixtape that is absolutely killin' it! It's definitely the best one that has dropped in my mailbox for quite a while - which should say a lot about the blogability of it! He was also kind to send his remix of Sidechain's Dance While You Can and his pal Keylow's (also of the Jacuzzi Killers crew) remix of Van She's So High. Both can be heard in the mix but are so good that separate downloads are highly qualified.


1. La Roux - In For The Kill (Skream Remix)
2. Bingo Players - Get Up (Diplo Remix)
3. Peaches - Talk To Me (Produced By Soulwax)
4. VV Brown - Leave (Feat. Little Boots)
5. CSS - Left Behind (Midnight Juggernauts Remix)
6. Röyksopp - The Girl And The Robot (feat. Robyn)
7. Mr. Oizo - Steroids (Feat. Uffie) (Mr. Oizo Remix)
8. Charlie ASH - O'Baby (Jakae Remix)
9. The Fire And Reason - Preste Atencao (Killer On The Dancefloor Remix)
10. Thunderheist - Sweet 16 (Mansion Remix)
11. Math Head - Get Hype
12. Trash Yourself - Touch (AC Slater Remix)
13. Avian X - My Life (Mr. Vega Remix)
14. The Temper Trap - The Science Of Fear (Herve Dub Mix)
15. Danger - 88h88 (Stage 3 - The Club Remix)
16. Sidechains - Dance While You Can (Jakae Remix)
17. Van She - So High (Keylow Remix)
18. Lily Allen - The Fear (Duke Dumont Remix)
19. Para One - Dundun
20. Fischerspooner - Danse En France (D.I.M. Remix)

Quad Truck

After THE Chris Duncan interview I really realized how crazy a life this guy lived. Along with all the shortcomings that people imposed on him (ex. receiving all the hate for designing the ugliest bike frame to date after being refused to have any input on his own signature frame), along with a slew of personal issues, he still remains to be the only person to have pulled a quad truck (360 with four bar spins). Nobody can deny him that.

One thing that I have heard over my short years on this planet is that you cannot wait or rely on other people to accomplish your goals or whatev. I couldn't help but be reminded of these "words of wisdom" while doing the interview and am now 100% that CDC has complete potential to flood the BMX world with it's wholesome goodness.

Shout outs cudos and all that to Chris Duncan for doing what he's accomplished in his lifetime. Check the CDC site in the Related Sites list and you won't be disappointed.

My Robot Ears #62

Image by Optt

Clash The Disco Kids - Exclusive Mix

Clash the disco kids have been doing exclusive mixes for allot of sites. I'm going to see if they won't do one for I R. In any case this is another banger mix from Clash The Disco Kids. Been enjoying this one since 6 in the AM.
  • Clash The Disco Kids - Exclusive Mix [Removed By Request]


  1. Math Head - Get Hype
  2. The Bloody Beetroots feat. Steve Aoki - Warp 1.9
  3. Guns & Bombs - Riddle of Steel (Daze of Thunder Bootleg Remix)
  4. Aerotronic - Ignition
  5. Tiga - What You Need (Clash The Disko Kids Re-fix Edit)
  6. Gooseflesh - Blow Up
  7. Sound of Stereo - Heads Up!
  8. ?? - ??
  9. Streetlife DJs - Gunn Crime (Cut n Run Dub Mix)
  10. MSTRKRFT - Click Click (Screen Death Remix)
  11. ?? - ??
  12. Those Dancing Days - Those Dancing Days (Punks Jump Up)
  13. Zombie Nation - Filterjerks
  14. The Amplid - Geography (Xinobi Remix)
  15. Shadow Dancer - Loader
  16. Empire of The Sun - Walking On A Dream (South Central Bootleg Remix)
  17. Joe and Will Ask? - Claymore
  18. Simian Mobile Disco - Synthesise (No Voodoo Version)
  19. Popof - Percussive
  20. Gui Boratto - Take My Breath Away
  21. Tiga - Love Don’t Dance Here Anymore
  22. Friendly Fires - Paris (Aeroplane ft. Au Revoir Simone Bmore Edit)