Monday, April 20

Introducing: Right Hand Barber

Where do we start!? RHB is a busy guy. Before becoming "Right Hand Barber", he was better know as Dj Kamm. A new comer to the Vancouver dj circuit, he quickly became one of the most talked about up and coming dj's in the city. In his two years, he already held 6 weekly residency's and had played along side such big names as Hed Kandi, Dabruck and Klein, Lazy Rich, Groove Rebels, and Canada's own JELO. In 2008, he went to Germany to play some of the biggest clubs in the world, such as Cocoon Club in Frankfurt and Airport Club in Wuerzburg.

Flashing forward to today...he is djing under the alias Right Hand Barber to start his producing career, and already signed to Stereo Soul Recordings, and has remixes coming out on cRANK, Big Fish, Sovereign Records, Live To Tape and Plasmapool Recordings.

This track rocks and is for sure one of my top jams this month!   
if you like, go buy it from

Looking for something a bit longer? Check out his mini-mix for April!


01. 2 Bit Thugs- A Good Look (Stupid Fresh Mix) 
02. Kyle Watson- Doubting You (Original Mix) 
03 Tom EQ- Skewer (Original Mix) 
04. The Body Snatchers- I Like What I See (HiJack Mix) 
05. Olli Ple Ft. McNasty- Play That Shit (Right Hand Barber Mix)
06. Bootyslapperz Ft. Edison- Pump Repeat (Mowgli Mix)
07. Clark Able- Lemon Head (Crookers Mix)
08. Right Hand Barber- PRTY (Original Spank MIx)
09. Sean Biddle Ft. Krukid- Direct Connection (Paul Anthony And ZXX Mix)
10. AC Slater- Rock It Out (Scott Cooper Remix)

total run time: 24 minutes