Sunday, February 22

Aaron Gates Q&A

Owner/ operator of No Bikes Aaron Gates has been in the BMX scene for just about the whole decade. With high profiled riders, links on Red Magazine [], a couple full length's to his name No Bikes is on the verge (if already isn't) a Canadian BMX household name. I had a chance to ask Aaron about the origin of No Bikes and his current full length project.

Q: Where did the name No Bikes come from?
A: Just irony I guess. We had just been kicked out of a skatepark and we thought it would be funny to make shirts that said "no bikes" on them.

Q: What were you looking to accomplish with No Bikes when you started up in 05?
A: I actually started a while before that. Travis (Burroughs) and I made our first batch of shirts in 2001. I don't think it's ever been more than just a fun thing. We've done a few jams over the years, lots of shirts, trips etc. Now I'm mostly focused on making the website awesome.

Q: No Bikes is pretty widespread, what do you accredit this to?
A: We've been lucky in that we've had some incredible riders involved over the years. I don't know what it could be beyond that, I don't really do a lot to promote it.

Q: You have a new full length coming out in the up an comin near future. When are you looking to release?
A: We actually just pushed the footage deadline back to May, so somtime in June or July maybe. There's a good chance that I'll be moving out of Alaska this summer and the guys up here wanted a bit more time to put their parts together.

Q: Who can we expect to be reppin No Bikes in this video?
A: That's a good question... I know what's going on as far as the Alaska side goes, but Ryan Hiebert is in charge of the Canadian sections. Desson just told me he was going to put a part together, and I know Ryan and Loren Lyftogthave been fiming, but I can't tell you anything beyond that. Up here we've got some excellent parts coming together from David Clay, Terrence Mitchell, and Wayne Anasogak among others.

Q: Will there be any premiers?
A: Hopefully!

Q: Where are the premiers going to take place?
A: Most likely Kelowna and Anchorage, but I have no idea at this point.

Q: What are your plans for No Bikes in the future?
A: I Just want to keep on doing things that I like to do. I keep telling everyone that I'll have new shirts soon but I've balled a few things up and it hasn't happenned; hopefully soon (sorry guys...). I'm getting back into writing a lot, I've been interviewing guys who make local videos and that has been really fun. Local videos have always been one of my favorite things in bmx, I love seeing people's projects and I want to get other people stoked on them. I like doing roadtrips that are a bit outside of the normal roadtrip realm, so hopefully a few of those will happen this year.