Thursday, April 16

Black TAR BMX!!!!!

Injecting the blog with more bmx, much like one would inject black tar heroin. I'm at the IR MINUS HQ visiting the Pen for the week soaking up some sun, living off skittles and perogies and listening to gabes wild music collection (when not riding) so might as well post a bike check so hurr it is:

FRAME: Mutiny Nocturnal 20.75

Fork: Odyssey Dirt

Cranks: Redline Device 175mm(those mother fuckers are on there for good)

Sprocket: Tree 28 tooth spline drive

Pedals: Animal Hamiltons plastic like the bitches

Stem: Super Rat (Fbm protect ya neck)

Bars: Seshin Chilko (cut down an inch)

Grips: Odi Longnecks (the best ,the best, the best)

Brakes: Fly

Brake Lever: Dia Tech Dirty Harry

Cable: 1664 Death

Pegs: Old Macneil (before they got "Fasionably" light )

Seat: Macneil Fat Capitol

Post: Macneil

Seat Clamp (Ya I still use one) : Demolition

Front Wheel: Macneil Hub laced to a Alex Supra B and Fit Rubber

Rear Wheel: Profile hub & guard with 10 tooth ti driver laced to a Araya RB-J1 and Fit rubber

Chain: SHITTY KMC, I need a Whipperman chain (PLUG PLUG PLUG)

Rail Manual Warm Up By: Gabe Pitman