Thursday, April 16

"No Nigga, I Don't Know Jigga"

This here kids bike doesn't get ridden to much you can probably tell by the following bike check. I am however stoker on the color scheme. Waddup doe. Filming, chilling and chatting tend to pass my time at the skate parks which I do not frequent.

Frame: Fly Diablo (Brake lugs ground down)

Forks: Federal 20/20

Bars: Mutiny Scenester Bars (Won in Mutiny Bikes Sceneter Comp.)
Barend: Kink Light

Grips: Demolition Waffle

Stem: Animal Jump Off (10% off )

Headset: Tank

Seat: Duo

: Macneil Stump

Seat clamp: ...
Sprocket: Animal Sprockey Balboa

Crank: Primo Powerbites

Chain: Piece of shit

Pedals: Primo Tenderizers Sealed

Rims: Norco some shit (front), Sun street rim (rear)

Tires: Garbage (front), Animal GLH (rear)