Friday, October 31

Its Hallo bitches

Wednesday, October 29

My Robot Ears #18

New tunes: First up is a great remix of M.I.A. What makes an M.I.A. song so good you may say? Well, M.I.A. does. Second is a demo from a group I have never heard of before called Freind. This track "Secret" re-affirms my beleif that house music is best served in the mornings.

FLAWLESS full length...

My internet absence has been well worth it. I managed to finish the video that has been technically, "filming" since grade 10. I just need the correct spelling of two peoples last names and it will be up. Four years, several web videos and a 20 minute full length video makes the FLAWLESS footy storage an empty one. Image from Always Changing Clothing.

Just in case you wanted to know...

Tuesday, October 7

Jared Smithford

20 hoe cakes

This past weekend was a big one for me, 20 big ones actually. The events began with DJ Mehdi @ the bourbon wich was a banger of a show, with some drunk brawling for the opening act. Then from there im going to skip to sunday night just because I have no pictures to account for the time in between. Anyway, we hopped the fence, unlocked the doors and there was the infamous igloo completely empty for Fish and I's chill film sesh. I love the place, good soundsystem, artwork everywhere, just good times.

The rest of the storeys belong to me and those we shared the times with me, it was good sweetness all around the world (except for the minor fact that the stock market almost crashed again and that Canada is about to go into recession, but other than that). Not to mention the huge contrast rainy Vancouver was to my moms cabin where I ate some home grown rabbits, mm mm good.

Wednesday, October 1

Broken VCR is a website for you to watch "mostly bmx" videos, started by a couple of Vancouver riders. Its not a half bad idea really, they have a layout that makes it look legit, video submissions and to top it off they have some omg. videos in the new additions category.

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