Saturday, February 21

Top 3's with Larry Tee

"Tee's experience as a scenester goes back to the early '80s in Atlanta. He DJ'd and ran a club in his native town but eventually headed to New York in 1989 to help start a club night at the Tunnel. Throughout the '90s, he became a more prominent DJ by spinning at the Palladium, Twilo, and the Roxy. More significantly, he co-wrote "Supermodel (You Better Work)" with his friend RuPaul in 1993; the song hit the top of the dance charts. After several years of being a house DJ, Tee found himself burnt out on the style. However, he found himself re-energized after hearing neo-electro/electro-pop groups Adult. and Fischerspooner. This sent him on his way to curating a scene around several likeminded groups, many of which were based in New York. This spawned the compilation, the club nights, and the tours, and Tee soon became a bigger figure than most of the groups he was promoting."

Top 3 tracks of Feb. o9:
  1. Dance Area - 24/7
  2. Larry Tee - I Love You (Bart B-More Remix) "In Crookers Beatport top 10, yay!!" []
  3. Alexander Technique - Nighlovers (CCC/ JFK Remix) []

Top 3 Canadian Venues:

  1. Circa, Toronto []
  2. Parking, Montreal []
  3. Celbrities, Vancouver []

Top 3 Sources for new music:

  1. Brrrln []
  2. Beatport []
  3. Disturbed Beats []

Top 3 anticipated albums of 09:

  1. "Animal Collective [] is out but, damn!! It roks my world"
  2. "The Fire and Reason [] Brazillian bombshell rocks out"
  3. Mel Merio [] is producing one this year. Can't wait.

Larry Tee []