Tuesday, August 31

We Love - Hide Me

Sunday, August 15

Lil Steve Volume Bikes edit

Please keep in mind that this jr. is only 16! That fact might help those who don't keep current on the bmx world to find some appreciation for the scale and technicality of these tricks.

The Trip Video

Dheli 2 Dublin Shambhala 2010

This year (2010) I attended my first Shambhala. If you have't yet caught wind of this event then you best get your internet machine and start working that Google. Six stages and four days of music, togetherness and clean... and not so clean fun. Fun none the less.

In either case the music is the glue. This is a band called Dheli to Dublin. This being my first time seeing let alone hearing of the band they surpassed expectations with an coagulation of celtic/ breakbeat/ electric. Check them out, work that Google... Highly recommended.

M.I.A - Steppin Up (Afghan Raiders Remix)

As I begin to sift through my long time neglected inbox comes this little ditty. M.I.A. has since been a favourite following her debut album Arular. That was how many years ago now and her career has exploded, from producing, directing and continuing live performances M.I.A. has left her mark on music history. Her legacy is further continued by the slew of remix's that continue surface annually. Cop this one courtesy of the Afghan Raiders

M.I.A. - Steppin Up' (Afghan Raiders Remix) by AfghanRaiders (Official)