Wednesday, February 4

"My Name is" (David Bruce Bates Jr.) is a New York based comedian known for his comedy shorts and down-to-earth interviews with the celebs. ".com converges pop culture, the fine art world and comedy in off-the-cuff, laid back, guerrilla style videos."

With production work for Scholastic Entertainment, Oxygen Media, MTV Networks, Nickelodeon, Disney online and Co-Producer of Steaming Museum [], Bruce Bates has managed to establish himself as a blogsphere icon.

Q: What does stand for, mean, or represent?
A:I wanted to have a short URL that could also double as my name... since my name is David Bruce Bates Jr, worked out pretty well.

Q: How do you come up with your comedy sketch concepts?
A: I just turn the camera on and act natural, most of it isn't planned out, anything that comes off lame or rehearsed I don't use. Living in new york offers you excellent opportunities to see and meet with the celebs of Hollywood.

Q: How do you get your interview's done with these peeps (are you equipped with press passes, or are they just dazzled by your charm and good looks?
A: I think it's my model good looks...but also, I started officially covering the Gen Art Film Festival in 2006, the VP of FILM Jeff Abramson saw my videos at fashion week, on the "outside" of celebrity events and wondered how my style would translate if I was officially part of the party... So I'm about to do my 4th Gen Art Film Festival this April, I'm really excited to rock out again. [] = so, after doing Gen Art that one time, I'm now on a bunch of PR companies press lists, so I get asked to cover stuff all the time.

Q: These interview's make me laugh, I'm not gonna lie. I wonder if you have questions prepared for them or are you just looking for reactions?
A: I'll always have a few questions prepared but sometimes I just wing it. My "weird" questions such as "how many sugars do you take in your coffee" and "do you believe in UFOs" are all about getting a reaction.

Q: What are your plans for 09, anything we should be looking out for in particular?
A: Completing campaigns for Starburst & PUMA and getting a bunch of great press in AD AGE & TV WEEK helped legitimize my career... so I'm looking to take that momentum and go bigger and get better. I'm in talks with the amazing rock band One-Eyed Doll to go on a month long tour with them, I have no doubt my on-the-scene footage going to random places in America will be some of my best work ever.

Now I've run out of questions for you so how about a quick top 3?

Top 3 film expectations of 09:

  1. Watchmen
  2. Transformers
  3. Terminator

Top 3 attractions in new york that a tourist should check out:

  1. Stand in the middle of Times Square at 44th and Bway (you might see me filming, it's my favorite place in NYC... so many people, so many random things always going on there)
  2. Union Square Park (Like Times Square but instead of tourists it's locals)
  3. Soho (Walk down Broadway, run into models & celebs, or people who think they are)