Friday, November 27

Return of Remix Sunday

It appears that Palms Out Sounds Palms Out Sounds Remix Sunday's are back after hard felt absence thanks to the ever annoying DMCA. This has been my personal favorite "blog column" or whatever, for fidget and just bouncy remix's in general. With contributors like AC Slater and Red Foxx you cant go wrong.

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George Bolter In BC

The George Bolter BC edit for Eclat featuring some Burnaby Bonsor clips and some nice airs in the Hastings bowl. Only one clip of him at Inferno Jam in Penticton this year, but thats koo I've got a couple in a summer mixtape. I'll have it done hopefully by the end of this weekend, just gotta load 4 clips. Peace.

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Thursday, November 26

Life as a Pro Mountain Biker....Chris Duncan Style !

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iamxl presents Deadbots

The Deadbots consist of Paul Kelly & Nina Knezevic. They are dropping some stellar hard tunes straight out of Dublin, Ireland and have been making waves throughout Europe with
performances all over including
Norway's famous Insomnia festival.

DEADBOTS (formerly deadbeat) have cultivated an curious interest amongst underground dance music lovers. With a finger in a variety of genres its tricky to pigeonhole their sound, pulling influence from 80's synth pop,rock, disco,hip hop and techno. But, if they were asked to, they would say either "gritty, epic, dark, and sweet house music with live vocals" or " just come check us out!" With a remix for Hystereo out on Soma Records, a remix for Netherland's Quick And Brite on Black Label Records, and a Radio Edit and Extended Radio Edit for The Japanese Popstars out on Paul Jackson's Dozer Records along with plays from djs worldwide, DEADBOTS are going from strength to strength.

DEADBOTS are Dublin born Paul Kelly, and Vancouver born Nina Knezevic. They formed in November 05 as DEADBEAT , but by Jan 06 they were performing live as DEADBOTS

Paul started djing 10 years ago with various residencies around Ireland and gigs around Europe. This naturally progressed to production and he has been producing music for 3 years. Paul has been playing guitar and piano since the age of 10 and his musical intrests spans many a generes.

Nina has had a love of music since she was a child. From a very early age Nina has been intrested and involved in music and performance, having learned to play the violin at the age of 5. Later on she then began to sing with various rock musicians and groups, performing at various venues around Vancouver and Toronto. Nina is also now a presenter on an Irish underground music radio show in Dublin called Club Cheol on Near 90 FM

IN 2005 they met in Vancouver and shortly after that Nina moved to Dublin. Having their relationship, helped them see their potential as a pair and it was not long before all of their musical influences and styles were being merged and they started making tunes together.

Deadbots on MySpace - - Soundcloud

Deadbots - Watch Yo Back

Deadbots - Watch Yo Back (DJ Bam Bam remix)

Fuckn Crew - Carnage (Deadbots remix)



El Remolon – Da B-Sides

Caught this freebie over on Mad Decent ,posted by Vancouvers Paul Devro. I've Never heard of
El Remolon before this but gives a little explantion of what the downloadable album is all aboot, here.
  • El Remolon – Da B-Sides Da B-Sides (Right Click Save As)
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Tom Silins / fall '09

Love these well filmed HD fall videos. Love this track to. DL after the vid.

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Transformers Leftside Remix

"I didn't mean to hit Rhianna, she came at me with an umbrella, a a"
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Monday, November 16

I'm Chris Duncan & I Approve These Videos!

Hey, IR Minus wants me to stoke you out with stuff that I like. I Love these two videos. They are my favorites for the month.

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Saturday, November 7

Bastet - Black Neon Mix

Newish mix here from Bastet. It's release immediately following Halloween was a treat no doubt, for all the hardcores who were still awake and dancing into November. Join the ongoing event as it takes us through to January.
1. Classixx, Villains - I'm On It (AC Slater Remix)
2. Calvertron, Banga - Turn It Up
3. Jack Got Killed (Dirty Sanchez Bootleg) - La Roux vs. AC Slater
4. Will Bailey - Hustlin and Scratchin (Gigi Barocco Remix)
5. Reekay Garcia - Back To The Beat (Riva Starr Remix)
6. Master Shortie - Dead End (Sticky K Remix)
7. Major Lazer - Hold The Line (HavocNdeeD Remix)
8. We Are Enfant Terrible - I Can't Help Myself (Thrills & Tony Rocky Horror Dub)
9. Does It Offend You Yeah? - Epic Last Song (Jack Beats Remix, Thrills Dubstep Refix)
10. La Roux - I'm Not Your Toy (Jack Beats Remix)

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Craig Passero

The AOTC dvd is periodically being posted on The Come Up so I figured it would be a good idea to post Passero's B roll clips before his full section get's posted.

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Gnarwhale Fall Edit

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