Sunday, April 19

Take Notes: iamxl, Love & Caring/ edits, Fish

Ok, first and foremost we have a new contributor to be accredited. Vancouver's iamxl will be posting whenever his time permits. It's a busy life being a DJ, you understand. Happy to have him aboard and be sure to check back for his updates.

#2, youtube. I've recently noticed that my subscriber count on my youtube is currently situated at 102. Dope. I from now on will be posting ALL of my footy there, even the unusable clips. Frequent updates are goood, feel free to subscribe haha.

omg. - Love & Caring is currently featured on No Bikes and will hopefully show up on Broken VCR soon.

Fish has now been added to our rider list and contributor list. He will be handling the BMX news portion of the site with Rick.


Billy Joel - For The Longest Time (iamxl B'more Remix) []