Thursday, October 1

Wonk It Out With Bastet

I feel like giving a big MC announcement for this one. Up now is an exclusive with the Okanagan's next up and comer with a little mini mix treat courtesy of FlyDj's Bastet. It's short, it's sweet and unless im very much mistaken this is her first interview??????? Bastet can you confirm this? Regardless, I got up's on those to follow. What. Read along now children and wobble on over to her Blog or her Myspace fo mo.
Q: For those who don't know who are you where ya from and what do you do.
A: I'm a 17 year old girl who escaped from high school at 15 to pursue my
love of creativity and bass. First that lead me to design school in
Vancouver, but I returned to my roots in the Okanagan this spring, and
it's been my first opportunity to totally focus on music. I can't
imagine life without being able to share my passion with the people on
the dancefloor, that energy is the best feeling in the world.

Q: Who, what, where, when and how did you come to be the youngest member
of Kelowna's all female DJ crew FlyDJ'S? Inquiring minds want to
A: I'd been interested in electronic music as long as I can remember. I'd
heard about their Basix program in 2007, and I went to an open house
to check it out. I ended up teaching myself rather than taking the
lessons, but a few months later I was invited to play their night
Evolution and things started rolling after that. They liked my style
and invited me to join the collective; as a beginner DJ it's pretty
intimidating to break into an established scene, and I'm very thankful
they picked me up.

Q: On your blog you make mention of possessing some sneaky ways to beat
club security. Mind sharing a few?
A: It definitely helps if you're a DJ. I don't go to clubs in the
Okanagan unless I'm playing, and just between being overlooked as a
performer, arriving early, and having a non-alcoholic lifestyle I've
never had a problem.

Q: Being underage must have an effect on the venues in which you play.
Are there enough all age events to keep you going or do you have ways
of spinning a set regardless?
A: One thing that's beautiful about the BC scene is that we have a
flourishing open air and independent party circuit, I have a few
tricks for the winter as well. Also, an advantage to starting this
young is that I'll have a lot of experience and networking behind me
the day I'm legally able to play commercial venues.

Q: What's the Okanagan scene like in your eyes? Who's reppin it and where
do you see room for improvemen
A: FlyDJs give a ton of support to newcomers and keep the scene inviting
and evolving. Elevation is the best electronic club night in the
interior, and the Herbalbass crew throw a great party. It would be
interesting to see a more controlled, open environment for underage
ravers to participate in the scene; while I'm an advocate for 17/18+
events I've definitely seen problems due to immature bad judgement.
These kids need to realize that this is a community founded on
respect, and if they don't respect everyone involved it won't survive.

Q: You were most definitely the talk of Shin Diggity and you left everyone wanting a
little bit more Bastet. Do you go in with your sets prepped or let the
chips fall where they may?
A: I usually have the structure worked out beforehand, a vibe and a story
to the set in a selection of a few more tracks than I need; then I
throw down what feels best as I play.

Q: And Im Spent. Much appreciate the interview. And
if you'd like to leave some thanks or shout out's now's a good time:
A: I wouldn't be where I am now without the crew who helped me get
started, and the beautiful bass loving party people who keep the floor
rocking. Watch out for the wonk!

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