Tuesday, February 10

Top 3's with Aaron Ross

Aaron Ross. Aaron Ross is the man who brought the fluorescent colored bikes into the trend that it is today. His parts in Chill Bro & Etnies Grounded just blew people away. Whip here whip there ,whip this whip that. Aaron rarely puts out footy that isn't a banger. I asked him if in between ALL the spam the man must get if he could do a top 3 for I R. Here is what I asked along with his answers:

What are your top 3 countries to ride?
  1. Germany
  2. New Zealand
  3. Japan

What are your top 3 albums right now?

  1. T.I. - Paper Trail
  2. Young Jeezy
  3. Jimmy Buffet

What are your top 3 annticipated videos of 09?

Empire... I have no idea.