Sunday, January 18

Top 3's with Paul Devro

Just two days ago I sent a message to Vancouver's, Mad Decent Records and 1/2 Alive DJ Paul Devro, asking if he would be kind enough to spare a few moments to review 2008 with I R. To my delight he said "sure."

Now, I realize we are already in 09, but how can you be sure that your end of year review answers are accurate if the year isn't completely over?

What are your top 3 albums of 08?

  1. Mr. Oizo - Lambs Anger
  2. Prg'z - Fear & Loathing in Hunts Vegas
  3. Chancha Via Circuito LP

What are your top 3 venues of 08?

  1. RedRum - Finland []
  2. Elbo Room - San Fransisco []
  3. Jumbos - Los Angeles []

What have been your top 3 favourite tracks to drop in 08?

  1. DJ Jean - The Launch
  2. Donny - Symtomless Coma (Current Value Vip)
  3. Katy Perry Switch Remix