Wednesday, February 11

Briggs Ogloff

Skateboarding isn't something that is generally seen on this site but the one named Briggs Ogloff, is a Penticton local and an excellent videographer. He currently has everyone waiting on is second full length video entitled "Lovebolts."
Briggs Ogloff Q&A followed by the other two trailers and some video grabs that Briggs sent along:

Q: How did you get into filming?
A: I don't even remember to be honest. I remember the old group of friends from years ago and I think I just wanted to be able to film how fun skating was. I never really thought it'd go anywhere, it was just fun. I guess with filming there's always something that can be learnt or improved, that's why I'm still doing it, that's the funnest part.

Q: What are you filming with?
A: vx2000 and century mk1!

Q: Who do you film for?
A: Myself? haha. i don't know, i wouldn't say i specifically film for anyone specifically. i just film friends and they all have shop sponsors or other sponsors so that's as far as my filming gets seen. i did film a video that i had worked on with Freeride a couple years ago called so hesh and so clean. Freeride has/is also helping out with lovebolts alot, too.

Q: What made pen the main film location for Lovebolts besides the fact that you lived there?
A: I think really it's because that's where we all came together. I've been a part of skateboarding in Penticton for so long and have seen so many people come and go and almost everyone who's in the video I've met through being in Penticton. I mean, I've been filming with Mark (Johnson) here in Vancouver the past few months and there are other people having parts from around bc, but it all stemmed from Penticton for sure.

Q: When did you start filming for Lovebolts?
A: I released a full length in november 2007 and decided to start a new project right away, that was pretty much it. all of the skaters (and myself) just kind of expected to start working on another one and this is it.

Q: Where have you been filming for Lovebolts?
A: I've been on a few trips with some of the guys since the beginning of filming. we've got footage from regina, arizona, san francisco, vancouver, and places around the Okanagan. There'll also be some spain footage in the video, a couple of the guys are heading over there for a month pretty soon.

Q: If you had to choose between Barcelona or LA to film /&+ skate wich would it be?
A: Barcelona, for sure. the spots are easily more my kind of skating, aha.

Q: How have you become so successful on youtube (views wise)?
A: Haha, no idea. definitely a fluke, I'd say. i don't even remember making my account, and most of the stuff i put on in the beginning up until recently was pretty bad. once i started noticing subscribers and stuff i started to put effort into editing videos primarily for youtube and that was it. i don't know why people like them, I'm still just fooling around when i put stuff on there.

Q: To what point do you want to take your filming career?
A: That's so hard to say. of course I'd take it as far as i could, but it just seems impossible to predict. I'm just gonna keep filming skateboarding and see where it goes from there. I've met alot of people through filming and skating, so we'll see. just have to focus on getting this video done and the next step will be taken from there.

Q: Can we find you on Skate Perception?
A: Yes. i don't post often but I've been a member since the beginning.

Q: What are some things that a tourist (as there are a shitload in the summer) be sure to check out in pen?
A: Oh man, i don't even know. I've never fully understood why there are so many tourists. the beaches are incredible, though. I'm not much of a swimmer but for how hot it gets, you definitely gotta jump in the lake sometimes. skatepark is pretty cool, too.

Q: When is Lovebolts set to drop?
A: I'm aiming for a fall 2009 release date, but I'm definitely wanting to get all of the editing done mid summer.

Q: Will there be any showings of Love Bolts prior to is release?
A: Definitely. I'm already working on getting a Penticton premiere set up at a theatre, and a kelowna/westbank premiere will most likely happen too.

You can follow the making of Lovebolts here: []