Thursday, August 28

My Robot Ears #14

Here is what Ive been listening to since this morning. Call it "tracks of the day" if you will. Starting of with a Mad Decent mix that is, well, mad decent. Over to a crew that's new to me, Machines Don't Care, I love this track. And last but not least Justice's "The Party" which, I'm not gonna lie couldn't fuckin stand the original. But thanks to LA Riots there is a decent version of an otherwise shitty Uffie track.

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Wednesday, August 27

Ludachrist - Se bast i Am

This here is a snippet of Ludachrists mash up album entitled "bang fest", wich contains the best mash of Peache's "Fuck the pain away" with Bangers & Cash's "Pussy." The Album is available for download via. the curch of Ludachrist [].

Sunday, August 24

My Robot Ears #13

Pic: A-Track Running Man Sneaks

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Diplo - Dip Hop

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Friday, August 22

Joe Cox - Tomorrow We Work Teaser

This is old news seeing as how the full length video is out now. Buts its a good edit to have in the archives. It got me stoked for the full video. As seen on Defgrip, Tomorrow We Work Teaser.

My Robot Ears #12

Pic: Ryan Receiver by Wai Lee Reid
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Kanye West - Goodlife

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Thursday, August 21

Jai La Cassette

Just added Jai La Cassette [] to the supporting list. Lots of good music goes through the site. Though personally I'd rather not to go to Zshare or You Send It to get my music but w/e.

My Robot Ears #11

Pic: Bnuts!
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Tuesday, August 19

The Come Up DVD


Full length video in the works...

My Robot Ears #10

Pic: Monica Bellucci

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Rick Nicholls

Kid Sister - Pro Nails (SMD Remix)

This is the first new track I've heard from what is no doubt one of my favourite electric duos, Simian Mobile Disco, in some time. Although lacking in the original vocals, this is no doubt the work of SMD, with their distinct element of silence that I've grown to know and love.

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Minus Video

Sunday, August 17

My Robot Ears #Seis

Pic: High Powered Boys

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Dan Cox - Tomorrow We Work

My most anticipated video of the year has begun being leaked. Dan Cox's part from Joe Cox's new video entitled Tomorrow We Work is on youtbe and its fucking nuts!

My Robot Ears #Cinco

A while back I saw this article in a magazine about a water tower in Belgium that had been converted into a house by an architect by the name of Joe Crepain. Lowe and behold the sweetest water tower along with some tunes for your bumpin pleasure.

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Saturday, August 16

My Robot Ears #Quatro Quatro

Pic: Threadless

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Friday, August 15

My Robot Ears #Tres

Pic: Sienna Miller
I have a bit of extra time today, as I'm in between houses at the moment. Also the 30 degree weather is keeping me in. Why am I not at the river today? In any case here are some tracks for download that Ive been listening to the last couple days:

My Robot Ears #Dos

[click link to download]

Minus Video


When I first saw this not a day after the omg. web video was posted on The Come Up, I couldnt help but think both videos posess the same chill vibe to them. However vibe is neither here nor there. The music these guys used suited the film quality, riding style, and edit to a T. Honestly, Metrics Moster Hospital did nothing for me until this video.

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Kid Sister - Pro Nails

Boys Noize - Feel Good TV Off

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[Download more free mp3 music on this blog HERE, or check out the tags.]

Wednesday, August 13

Wade Lajlar Day

Filmed near my "Burnaby residence" in the local I have access to Iglo indoor ramps. Reppin Vancouver, Macneil BMX.

Friday, August 8

Stardust - Muisc Sounds Better With You

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Take Notes: DJ Arkitekt

How I know DJ Arkitekt? Not at all, a freind told me about his freind that was making some sick beats. I make it a once and a worthwhile task to check his Myspace []. Just found a demo as seen on his soundclick [].

My Robot Ears #Uno

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Sunday, August 3

omg. Video on The Come Up

Since I moved to Princeton BC (don't bother looking it up) I combined my camera with the the towns local riders and formed the film crew "omg." Since the begining of the summer we started making a lengthy web video. We recently released the video, entitled "omg."on the web as of Aug. 1st. Since the release we managed to get the video shown on the much respected (in the BMX community) Come Up and are sheduled for a showing in the town in September. Check it out on the come up > []. Peace.

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