Monday, February 23

Top 3's with Aaron Gates

Aaron sent these along with his Q&A, but my blogging time was limited... at the time.

Top 3 full-length riding videos:
  1. Tomorrow We Work [] - "Best local video ever?"
  2. Nowhere Fast - "This was such a groundbreaking video for its time, in terms of both riding and production. So pumped that Patrick is doing the Etnies video."
  3. Take it or Leave it - "A bmx video with a message? I love the attitude this film portrays."

Top 3 tracks your listening to right now:

  1. Destroyer - Here Comes The Night
  2. Manitoba - Crayon
  3. Wilco - Heavy Metal Drummer []

Top 3 sources for BMX news:

  1. RED BMX Magazine [].
  2. Other than that I mostly just hang around bmxboard [].
  3. The Come Up []usually has the most stuff going on... I also like Defgrip a whole bunch but that's not really news.

Top 3 Canadian parks:

  1. Penticton Youth Park - "it's huge, it's close to the beach, and I could carve around that bowl for days."
  2. Old Leeside - "best skate park tag ever: "Ramp, not home." That place was so sketchy and amazing. The ramps were just falling apart, homeless people lived there and it was always flooding, but it ruled. There's something to be said about things growing organically like that - the layouts always flow really well because they come together one piece at a time... if something doesn't work you can always change it."
  3. Grand Forks - "it's kind of out of the way so not a lot of people know about it. It has a really fun bowl that's long and tight with different extensions as you move down it."

Top 3 Canadian city's for street:

  1. Calgary
  2. Vancouver (with someone who knows where they're going)
  3. "I really haven't ridden any other big cities, but Montreal looks rad.I'll take a lazy day of street riding in Penticton over all of those though..."