Wednesday, April 22

The Summer of George

I just spotted on RED that Ten Pack bmx will he having a summer tour dubbed the "Re-Session Tour" with stops all over Canada and featuring riders such as the Animal team, Alistair Whitton, Travis Sexsmith, Chris Martindale, Jaumell Campbell, Harrison Boyce, Jay Miron, Chris Silva,Chris Doyle, Sean Sexton, Darryl Tocco, Jay Rowe, James Steele, Karl Engstrom, Rob Wise, Andy Roode, Dan Lacey, Mark Love, Max Vincent, Ryan Berrette, Brian Yeagle, Matt Beyers, Tobias Wicke and Sam Lowe just to name them all.

The tour is spilt up between the east and west coast so its looks like the Federal, Verde and We The People riders are on the west and the rest are in the east. So mark your calendar (GABE!!!!) for August 8th when the Federal team (Dan Lacey, Mark Love and Max Vincent) invade Penticton for the Inferno Jam and then head into Kelowna for another jam on the 9th.

All info can be seen here

This shall be the summer where no girlfriend, job or any responsibilities shall get in the way of riding. I have wasted my last 2 summers so this one is not getting away from me. This is "The Summer of George"