Monday, December 29


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Saturday, December 27

My Robot Ears #33

Pic = MMMathias
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My Robot Ears #32

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The Unreleased Matt Desson BMX Interview

This bmx interview for Matt Desson, a Kelowna resident, was supposed to appear in the last issue of RED BMX Magazine [] but the magazine shut down its presses and the interview never was published. Fortunately Repset posted the whole interview with the Canadian rider here []. Stay on I R MINUS for more follow ups on local bmx talent and free mp3 music.

Desson currently rides for 1664 BMX & distribution, Outbound Cycle & No Bikes Clothing [].

My Robot Ears #30 (Brodinski)

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Friday, December 26

My Robot Ears #29

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My Robot Ears #28

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Sunday, December 21

A Willi

Methadone is a former classmate of mine from back in the day. He sent me this track as an Mp3 a couple days ago, but Google took that one down as well. My hunch is that Mr. MC Chris is pretty tight on his copywrites. Somehow THE MOST "Indie" tends to be this way. Weird hu? Either way it's a dope mash by Methadone.

Haters Go Eat a Dick

Will Pill AKA. Ill Will sent me this image that does once again appear to be the same artist as The Parra Soundsystems free mixtape (I'm listening to that now, its awesome.) artist and Teenage Bad Girl's Cocotte album cover. No names were mentioned.

Brock Maktaak. In the same email Ill Will included a track that he produced for Mr. Maktaak. I made a video with Brock a while back, and he is still continuing to pursue a rap career with "Haters Go Eat a Dick." Peace Brock, thanks Will Pill.

"Time to feed the dogs..."

This track arrived to me in the form of an email from a group called Baskerville hailing from the Netherlands. They claim the track is on crack and would like your feedback. Feedback or no this is their Myspace: [ iwantbaskerville].

Saturday, December 20

The Parra Soundsystem free mixtape.

Normally I don't read alot of what the mp3 blogs say unless there is a picture along with the post that really catches my eye. I recognized this artworks style from Teenage Badgirls album Cocotte. My conclusion is that its the same artist! Still dunno who, but they will turn up.

The artwork caught my eye, I downloaded the mixtape and was pleasantly surprised. My describing music skill are not so good. Go download the mixtape, listen what you ears say and leave a comment if you like. Time well wasted.

My Robot Ears #27

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Wednesday, December 17

Steven Hamilton edit

Credits: Filmed & edited by pro bmx rider Steven Hamilton, so you know.


Look @ No Bikes []. Why the omg. video is up on No Bikes is explaned on No Bikes.

Sunday, December 14

My Robot Ears #26

Photo By: Wai-Lee Reid

Friday, December 12

live DVD's

Following close behind Justice's live DVD/ documentary release comes The Bloody Beetroots live DVD/ documentary entitled Cornelius. I love The Bloody Beetroots. The disc is due Dec 18th 08, filmed & edited by Born To Film [].

Quote of the Day

"Do you want to become a statistic?" - Toro-Garland

Thursday, December 11

Quote of the Day

"There are two types of balls. There are big brave balls and there are little mincy fagget balls." - Bullet Tooth Tony of Snatch

Thursday, December 4

A good friend of mine, who shall remain nameless (Wai-Lee Reid) is to have her photography featured on the following site, regularly I hope. Peep the site, show some support [] and download some tunes.

Tuesday, December 2

Take Notes: I R Under Attack

I just got an email from Blogger saying that post, My Robot Ears was taken down due copyright infrigment (according to the new DMCA act), and terms of use. Along with that they sent me a big article on the "Chilling Effects" [] of online rights.

Monday, December 1

Mr. Oizo - Positif

Homework #1

Today's assignment is for you to familiarize yourself with a band called Canadian Invasion []. Now we all know that Canada could never mount an invasion but the name should have you asking, are they from Canada? With that Prima Patsavera can answer this for you along with a brief description of the music itself [].

My Robot Ears #24

Check out this new addition to time square. I wonder how many of the people sitting there don't have homes? I guess if you have all these lights and shit around you wouldn't actually realize that your country is going down the shitter. The states isn't anywhere on my travel destination list, well maby NY so I could chill on those bright red steps with a Coke in hand.

Ok, now don't get me wrong, I love DJ Mehdi but I WAS NOT feelin pocket piano. Maby it's one of those tracks that you just end up liking later. But today when I saw that Brondski had done a remix of this particular song my thoughts were "there is no way its a bad remix." I was right, Brondski is sick and now I will give the original another try.

Never heard of this Edu before. Edu reminds me of Bonde Do Role... maby it's the Spanish?

The Bobmo remix came to my attention long before the original. Which is probably why the original was so hard for me to find, this remix sounds nothing like the original. The track following is another Bobmo remix so that you can familiarize yourself with his style. Surkin being Bobmo's fity fity partner of High Powered Boys []

I swear this guy stole my bikes color scheme...