Wednesday, April 1

Quad Truck

After THE Chris Duncan interview I really realized how crazy a life this guy lived. Along with all the shortcomings that people imposed on him (ex. receiving all the hate for designing the ugliest bike frame to date after being refused to have any input on his own signature frame), along with a slew of personal issues, he still remains to be the only person to have pulled a quad truck (360 with four bar spins). Nobody can deny him that.

One thing that I have heard over my short years on this planet is that you cannot wait or rely on other people to accomplish your goals or whatev. I couldn't help but be reminded of these "words of wisdom" while doing the interview and am now 100% that CDC has complete potential to flood the BMX world with it's wholesome goodness.

Shout outs cudos and all that to Chris Duncan for doing what he's accomplished in his lifetime. Check the CDC site in the Related Sites list and you won't be disappointed.