Friday, February 27

Acid Girls - Health Mega Mix

Placebo - Meds (Methadone Remix)

Wednesday, February 25

Matt Desson

Now, I don't know who filmed this but the sound is shit. I'm DIEN to film with this kid.

Top 3's with Mel Merio

Perhaps best know for her single Domino Dancing, DJ/ singer/ songwriter/ NYC resident and should be model Mel Merio has taken some time between performances to do a quick top 3 with I R.

Top 3 tracks of Febuary 09:
  1. Larry Tee - I Love You []
  2. Supertramp - Dreamer
  3. MGMT - Kids (Soulwax Remix) []

Top 3 albums of Febuary 09:

  1. MGMT
  2. Larry Tee - Club Badd
  3. Christopher Just - Dirty Sanchez

Top 3 musical influences:

  1. Pet Shop Boys []
  2. Christopher Just []
  3. Larry Tee []

Top 3 artists you would like to collaborate with:

  1. Pet Shop Boys
  2. Christopher Just
  3. Larry Tee

Top 3 have yet to see live performances:

  1. Pet Shop Boys
  2. Jonte []
  3. Bad Brilliance []

Top 3 favourite venues abroad:

  1. Plasic [], Mailand
  2. Meubelstukken [], Amsterdam
  3. Flex [], Wien

Top 3 sources for new music:

  1. Beatport []
  2. Friends
  3. Limewire []

Mel Merio Myspace

Mountblood - Minimal Fucking Mondays Mini Mix

  1. Blatta & Inesha - Punching
  2. Boys Noize - Shine Shine
  3. Peter Bjorn and John - Inland Empire ( Friend Remix )
  4. Uncle Jak - Acid Circus
  5. DJ Kid Kaio - We Don't Give A Fuck
  6. UFO! - Now
  7. AC Slater - Party Like Us
  8. Future Cop - Eye's Like The Ocean

Mountblood Myspace

Teenage Bad Girl/ Nike

Tuesday, February 24

Top 3's with JFK (MSTRKRFT)

The man needs no intoduction. Ya'll know the name.

Top 3 tracks of February 09:

  1. David Bowie - Drive In Saturday
  2. Metallica - Battery
  3. The Locust - Moth Eaten Dear Head

Top 3 albums favourite albums of February 09:

  1. The Beach Boys - Pet Sounds
  2. Arab On Radar - Soak The Saddles
  3. The VSS - Nervous Circuits

Top 3 sources for new music:


Top 3 Canadian Venues:

  1. The Guvernment [], Toronto
  2. Metropolis [], Montreal
  3. Celebrities [], Vancouver

Top 3 Venues abroad:

  1. Lux [], Lisbon
  2. Social Club [], Paris
  3. Womb [], Tokyo

JFK Myspace/ MSTRKRFT Myspace

Gregel Oirom

Top 3's with Lazaro Casanova

Born and raised in Miami, Casanova has been a resident DJ of the famed Revolver party for several years. A bit frustrated with the lack of acceptance for his music in his hometown, he decided to take matters into his own hands and hit the road. In the summer of 2006, Casanova was invited to join Mstrkrft and the Juan Maclean on a cross-country tour through Canada. Since then, Casanova has remixed various artists including, Mstrkrft, The Teenagers, and Crystal Castles. His bootleg edit of The Knife was widely played out and even picked up offers for white label pressings.

Top 3 tracks of February 09:
  1. The Juan Maclean - One Day (Lazaro Casanova Haunted Dub)
  2. Noze - You Have To Dance (Mathias Kaden's Beatpolka Remix) []
  3. Minilogue - My Teenager Gang

Top 3 favourite artists of February 09:

  1. Timo Mass []
  2. Minilogue []
  3. Bob Dylan []

Top 3 favourite albums of February 09:

  1. Lykke Li - Youth Novels
  2. Josh Wink - When A Banana Was Just A Banana
  3. Marco Carola - The Tribe EP

Top 3 sources for new music:

  1. Beatport []
  2. Dj Sets
  3. Friends

Top 3 Canadian Venues:

  1. Guvernment [], Toronto
  2. Comfort Zone [], Toronto
  3. The Social [], Toronto

Top 3 venues abroad:

  1. Aura, Monterrey Mexico
  2. Hardpop [], Juarez Mexico
  3. Vanguard [] Los Angeles, California

Monday, February 23

Top 3's with Aaron Gates

Aaron sent these along with his Q&A, but my blogging time was limited... at the time.

Top 3 full-length riding videos:
  1. Tomorrow We Work [] - "Best local video ever?"
  2. Nowhere Fast - "This was such a groundbreaking video for its time, in terms of both riding and production. So pumped that Patrick is doing the Etnies video."
  3. Take it or Leave it - "A bmx video with a message? I love the attitude this film portrays."

Top 3 tracks your listening to right now:

  1. Destroyer - Here Comes The Night
  2. Manitoba - Crayon
  3. Wilco - Heavy Metal Drummer []

Top 3 sources for BMX news:

  1. RED BMX Magazine [].
  2. Other than that I mostly just hang around bmxboard [].
  3. The Come Up []usually has the most stuff going on... I also like Defgrip a whole bunch but that's not really news.

Top 3 Canadian parks:

  1. Penticton Youth Park - "it's huge, it's close to the beach, and I could carve around that bowl for days."
  2. Old Leeside - "best skate park tag ever: "Ramp, not home." That place was so sketchy and amazing. The ramps were just falling apart, homeless people lived there and it was always flooding, but it ruled. There's something to be said about things growing organically like that - the layouts always flow really well because they come together one piece at a time... if something doesn't work you can always change it."
  3. Grand Forks - "it's kind of out of the way so not a lot of people know about it. It has a really fun bowl that's long and tight with different extensions as you move down it."

Top 3 Canadian city's for street:

  1. Calgary
  2. Vancouver (with someone who knows where they're going)
  3. "I really haven't ridden any other big cities, but Montreal looks rad.I'll take a lazy day of street riding in Penticton over all of those though..."

Quote of the day:

"Pretty girls don't dance, they just pose to techno" - Felix Da Housecat

Sunday, February 22

Simian Mobile Disco - Synthesise

SMD's new video of their live visuals @ Area 10. Directed by Kate Moross [] & Alex Sushon [].

The Lonely Island - Jizz In My Pants

The Lonely Island []

Bangladesh - Passport Music

Bangladesh has a new mixtape out. Shit is bangin. Gotta love Bangladesh, A Milli, Bossy, How Do You Feel, Adidas, Hit That, all great tracks with all the big names. Here is the album, all free:

Jeff Evans/ Bartlett

Aaron Gates Q&A

Owner/ operator of No Bikes Aaron Gates has been in the BMX scene for just about the whole decade. With high profiled riders, links on Red Magazine [], a couple full length's to his name No Bikes is on the verge (if already isn't) a Canadian BMX household name. I had a chance to ask Aaron about the origin of No Bikes and his current full length project.

Q: Where did the name No Bikes come from?
A: Just irony I guess. We had just been kicked out of a skatepark and we thought it would be funny to make shirts that said "no bikes" on them.

Q: What were you looking to accomplish with No Bikes when you started up in 05?
A: I actually started a while before that. Travis (Burroughs) and I made our first batch of shirts in 2001. I don't think it's ever been more than just a fun thing. We've done a few jams over the years, lots of shirts, trips etc. Now I'm mostly focused on making the website awesome.

Q: No Bikes is pretty widespread, what do you accredit this to?
A: We've been lucky in that we've had some incredible riders involved over the years. I don't know what it could be beyond that, I don't really do a lot to promote it.

Q: You have a new full length coming out in the up an comin near future. When are you looking to release?
A: We actually just pushed the footage deadline back to May, so somtime in June or July maybe. There's a good chance that I'll be moving out of Alaska this summer and the guys up here wanted a bit more time to put their parts together.

Q: Who can we expect to be reppin No Bikes in this video?
A: That's a good question... I know what's going on as far as the Alaska side goes, but Ryan Hiebert is in charge of the Canadian sections. Desson just told me he was going to put a part together, and I know Ryan and Loren Lyftogthave been fiming, but I can't tell you anything beyond that. Up here we've got some excellent parts coming together from David Clay, Terrence Mitchell, and Wayne Anasogak among others.

Q: Will there be any premiers?
A: Hopefully!

Q: Where are the premiers going to take place?
A: Most likely Kelowna and Anchorage, but I have no idea at this point.

Q: What are your plans for No Bikes in the future?
A: I Just want to keep on doing things that I like to do. I keep telling everyone that I'll have new shirts soon but I've balled a few things up and it hasn't happenned; hopefully soon (sorry guys...). I'm getting back into writing a lot, I've been interviewing guys who make local videos and that has been really fun. Local videos have always been one of my favorite things in bmx, I love seeing people's projects and I want to get other people stoked on them. I like doing roadtrips that are a bit outside of the normal roadtrip realm, so hopefully a few of those will happen this year.

Saturday, February 21

Top 3's with Larry Tee

"Tee's experience as a scenester goes back to the early '80s in Atlanta. He DJ'd and ran a club in his native town but eventually headed to New York in 1989 to help start a club night at the Tunnel. Throughout the '90s, he became a more prominent DJ by spinning at the Palladium, Twilo, and the Roxy. More significantly, he co-wrote "Supermodel (You Better Work)" with his friend RuPaul in 1993; the song hit the top of the dance charts. After several years of being a house DJ, Tee found himself burnt out on the style. However, he found himself re-energized after hearing neo-electro/electro-pop groups Adult. and Fischerspooner. This sent him on his way to curating a scene around several likeminded groups, many of which were based in New York. This spawned the compilation, the club nights, and the tours, and Tee soon became a bigger figure than most of the groups he was promoting."

Top 3 tracks of Feb. o9:
  1. Dance Area - 24/7
  2. Larry Tee - I Love You (Bart B-More Remix) "In Crookers Beatport top 10, yay!!" []
  3. Alexander Technique - Nighlovers (CCC/ JFK Remix) []

Top 3 Canadian Venues:

  1. Circa, Toronto []
  2. Parking, Montreal []
  3. Celbrities, Vancouver []

Top 3 Sources for new music:

  1. Brrrln []
  2. Beatport []
  3. Disturbed Beats []

Top 3 anticipated albums of 09:

  1. "Animal Collective [] is out but, damn!! It roks my world"
  2. "The Fire and Reason [] Brazillian bombshell rocks out"
  3. Mel Merio [] is producing one this year. Can't wait.

Larry Tee []


My Robot Ears #45 (AC Slater)

AC Slater Myspace []

Daft Punk - Essential Mix (1997)


  1. Daft Punk - Essential Info (Daft Trax)
  2. Paul Johnson - Summer Heat (Peacefrog)
  3. Armand Van Helden - Funk Phenomena (Henry Street)
  4. CZR - Chicago Southside (1HR)
  5. Artist Unknown - Git Down Saturday (Dance 6)
  6. Remix Delux #1 - Dee’s Knots [Remix] (Delux)
  7. Parris Mitchell - Ghetto Shout Out (Dance Mania)
  8. Daft Punk - Teachers (Daft Trax/Virgin)
  9. Martin Luther King - I Have A Dream (20th Century)
  10. The Godson EP - Drum Patterns & Memories (K.D.J)
  11. Jammin Gerald - Get The Ho’94 (Dance Mania)
  12. DJ Attack - Da Way U Work (U.C.)
  13. Thomas Bangalter - Spinal Scratch (Roule)
  14. Tha West Siders - Waxscratch Trax (Dance Mania)
  15. Fantom - Faithful (Source)
  16. I.Cube - Disco Cubizm (Versatile)
  17. Daft Punk - Rock ‘n’ Roll (Daft Trax/Virgin)
  18. Cajmere - Only 4 U (Cajual)
  19. Trankilou - Champagne
  20. (Kif S.A.)Artist Unknown - And Da Beat Goes On (Dance 6)
  21. DJ Funk & Gerald - Hold Up (Universal Funk)
  22. Ween - Freedom Of ‘76 (Flying Nun)
  23. Zdar & Boombass - Foxy Lady (Cassius)
  24. Gusto - Disco’s Revenge (Bumble Beats)
  25. DJ Deeon - Deeon Doez Disco (Dance Mania)
  26. Sweet - Somebody’s Watching (White)
  27. Da Mongoloids - Spark Da Meth (Strickly Rhythm)
  28. Roller Rink 2000 - Stining (Kumba)
  29. Roy Davies Jr - Gabrielle (Large)
  30. Robert J Hairston - Preacher Man
  31. Daft Punk - Around The World (Daft Trax/Virgin)
  32. Kenny Dixon Jr - U Can Dance If U Want 2 (K.D.J)

Thursday, February 19

Daft Punk - Interstella 5555

Ryan Fudger HATES Chris Duncan

My Robot Ears #42

My last couple of attempts to post My Robot Ears have been thwarted by blogger due to some copyright infringing. Let's hope this one sticks.

Wednesday, February 18

Take Notes: CDC

Chris Duncan has his official website up now [] with all the press that CDC has been receiving and you can order soft goods from there now. Also Chris's web add for I R Minus is up on Broken VCR [] as of now.

Top 3's with Jared Chilko

Top 3 web video's:

  1. "I really like the web videos Muntiny puts out."
  2. "The Sputnic web videos are also really good."
  3. "Finally, I like the way Ted at seshin put out the full video series online. I guess I like web videos in good quality."

Top 3 Canadian Parks:

  1. "Millwoods in Edmonton" Alberta
  2. Penticton Youth Park
  3. Hastings, Vancouver

Top 3 tracks your listeing to right now:

  1. Cloud Cult - Chemicals Colide []
  2. Blonde Redhead - A Cure []
  3. Shai Hulud - My Heart Bleeds The Darkest Blood []

Top 3 sources for bmx news:

  1. The Come Up []
  2. Bikeguide []
  3. Woozy []

Top 3 brands:

  1. Volkswagon
  2. American Apparell
  3. Panasonic

Tuesday, February 17

"From Russia with love"

Timbaland - Da Funk

Inglorious Bastards Trailer

This is yet another Hollywood remake. Theya are really struggling to come up with anything original these days. But, Quentin Tarantino has his hands in this which should make up for Brad Pitt's douche of an accent. I'll watch it.

Monday, February 16

Take Notes: .com/ Team revisions

First on the docket we have a change in address to announce []. I R official now.

#2 I would like to welcome two have 2 new riders to our team. Mat Ridgeway & Randy Moffat of Vancouver. Typically when you sponsor people you have a product to supply them with so our next step is to get some T's (being the primary product) designed, shipped and out to the riders. I have two designs ready to go and have a few ideas in the works.

/&+ Methadone has been removed from our contributors list. The content of his posts although very much related to the happenings of this site (as he is the first artist on "Minus Recordings"), have been adding a "diary blog" feel to this site. Which is not exactly something that I R is willing to sport. His posts will be kept to properly account for his contributions and he may return at a later date. You can catch updates on all of his recordings @ [].

Strangers in a Strange Land

Oi, so guys, this is how its been happening in the world of Methadone so far;

  • Label, chosen (two btw)
  • Projects on hand, 5
  • Production of the 'an Unkindness' album
  • Production of a Track on the 7 song ep for Melissa Bishop
  • Hour long track for Unnamed Project
  • And good news, two new albums are being worked.
The two albums are going to produced simultaenously, but both with very different sounds. One comes with lyrics and singers for it, the other comes with a comic book describing what the instrumentals mean. Its all very cool.

Working titles: The Attacks on Manhatten and Project v3

Keep them boots warm

Gonzo Magazine

For anyone who's been following up on my mini successes, you should of figured out portraiture and candid is my choice of weapon. Today, I ripped up a photoshoot I had in Port Moody with good friend actor / model Alex Peterson for the front cover of Gonzo Magazine's March Issue. I got to work with John S. Hatch again [writer, producer, director and familiar friendly face], meet Teena Clipston Publisher / Editor-in-Chief of Gonzo Magazine, and shoot with a Sony F282 digital slr. Needless to say the shots turned out amazing.

There was a commercial also shot before and after my still shots, which is apparently going to be aired on the tele and somewhere on the interenet.

No words can describe how humbling this experience has been..

Thursday, February 12

The Mai Shi - R U Proffesional

The best thing about the whole Christain Bale spaz attack on set of the new terminator movie set has definitely been the remixes of the leaked audio track. This one by The Mai Shi [] thus far made the best impression on My Robot Ears.

Pastelle Clothing

Proof boys & girls that kanye has done the name change. This is for his new clothing line, Pastelle Clothing [].

Dan Lacey and Derek Strickland

Edd Allen + Derek Strickland= perfection

Take Notes: I R everywhere

A few sites for you to check that are currently showing link love:

No Bikes [] has Rick Nicholls how to hang 5 up right now.

Briggs has linked up to his interview from his Lovebolts site [].

And last but not leaste The Come Up [] posted Vhris Duncans I R MINUS add last night.

Top 3's with Brad Simms

What are your top 3 fave countries to ride?

  1. North America
  2. South Africa
  3. Germany

What are your top 3 countries that you want to ride?

  1. Egypt
  2. Kazastahn
  3. New Zealand

What are your top 3 Sources for BMX news?

  3. word of mouth

What are the top 3 albums that your listening to these days?

  1. American Gangster Soundtrack
  2. Best Thang Smokin
  3. Young Jeezy - Recession

Wednesday, February 11

Chris Duncan add

DJ Hell - The Angst

Briggs Ogloff

Skateboarding isn't something that is generally seen on this site but the one named Briggs Ogloff, is a Penticton local and an excellent videographer. He currently has everyone waiting on is second full length video entitled "Lovebolts."
Briggs Ogloff Q&A followed by the other two trailers and some video grabs that Briggs sent along:

Q: How did you get into filming?
A: I don't even remember to be honest. I remember the old group of friends from years ago and I think I just wanted to be able to film how fun skating was. I never really thought it'd go anywhere, it was just fun. I guess with filming there's always something that can be learnt or improved, that's why I'm still doing it, that's the funnest part.

Q: What are you filming with?
A: vx2000 and century mk1!

Q: Who do you film for?
A: Myself? haha. i don't know, i wouldn't say i specifically film for anyone specifically. i just film friends and they all have shop sponsors or other sponsors so that's as far as my filming gets seen. i did film a video that i had worked on with Freeride a couple years ago called so hesh and so clean. Freeride has/is also helping out with lovebolts alot, too.

Q: What made pen the main film location for Lovebolts besides the fact that you lived there?
A: I think really it's because that's where we all came together. I've been a part of skateboarding in Penticton for so long and have seen so many people come and go and almost everyone who's in the video I've met through being in Penticton. I mean, I've been filming with Mark (Johnson) here in Vancouver the past few months and there are other people having parts from around bc, but it all stemmed from Penticton for sure.

Q: When did you start filming for Lovebolts?
A: I released a full length in november 2007 and decided to start a new project right away, that was pretty much it. all of the skaters (and myself) just kind of expected to start working on another one and this is it.

Q: Where have you been filming for Lovebolts?
A: I've been on a few trips with some of the guys since the beginning of filming. we've got footage from regina, arizona, san francisco, vancouver, and places around the Okanagan. There'll also be some spain footage in the video, a couple of the guys are heading over there for a month pretty soon.

Q: If you had to choose between Barcelona or LA to film /&+ skate wich would it be?
A: Barcelona, for sure. the spots are easily more my kind of skating, aha.

Q: How have you become so successful on youtube (views wise)?
A: Haha, no idea. definitely a fluke, I'd say. i don't even remember making my account, and most of the stuff i put on in the beginning up until recently was pretty bad. once i started noticing subscribers and stuff i started to put effort into editing videos primarily for youtube and that was it. i don't know why people like them, I'm still just fooling around when i put stuff on there.

Q: To what point do you want to take your filming career?
A: That's so hard to say. of course I'd take it as far as i could, but it just seems impossible to predict. I'm just gonna keep filming skateboarding and see where it goes from there. I've met alot of people through filming and skating, so we'll see. just have to focus on getting this video done and the next step will be taken from there.

Q: Can we find you on Skate Perception?
A: Yes. i don't post often but I've been a member since the beginning.

Q: What are some things that a tourist (as there are a shitload in the summer) be sure to check out in pen?
A: Oh man, i don't even know. I've never fully understood why there are so many tourists. the beaches are incredible, though. I'm not much of a swimmer but for how hot it gets, you definitely gotta jump in the lake sometimes. skatepark is pretty cool, too.

Q: When is Lovebolts set to drop?
A: I'm aiming for a fall 2009 release date, but I'm definitely wanting to get all of the editing done mid summer.

Q: Will there be any showings of Love Bolts prior to is release?
A: Definitely. I'm already working on getting a Penticton premiere set up at a theatre, and a kelowna/westbank premiere will most likely happen too.

You can follow the making of Lovebolts here: []

Tuesday, February 10

Dak, Nathan, Corey

Words cant explain this part.

Overlapping - Dark Drive

Top 3's with Aaron Ross

Aaron Ross. Aaron Ross is the man who brought the fluorescent colored bikes into the trend that it is today. His parts in Chill Bro & Etnies Grounded just blew people away. Whip here whip there ,whip this whip that. Aaron rarely puts out footy that isn't a banger. I asked him if in between ALL the spam the man must get if he could do a top 3 for I R. Here is what I asked along with his answers:

What are your top 3 countries to ride?
  1. Germany
  2. New Zealand
  3. Japan

What are your top 3 albums right now?

  1. T.I. - Paper Trail
  2. Young Jeezy
  3. Jimmy Buffet

What are your top 3 annticipated videos of 09?

Empire... I have no idea.

Mat Ridgeway & Ryan Hiebert

This is Mat and Ryan's split section for the No Bikes full lenght Four Corners.

Monday, February 9

Lil Kim - Queen Bitch

This track is pretty fucked lyrically but the beat is sick. I've been trying to find this track for no less than 8 years. First heard it on some old school mix cassete that I picked up off the ground one day.

FBM - 3 Tom's In Malaga

Blondtron - Obama Mix

This Obama Mix is brought to you by Blondtron []. It begin's with an Obama edition of Lil Wayne's "A Milli" continuing with quotes from the inauguration speach and from there gets mashed with more club bumpers screaming Obama in celebration of the USA's first black president as you well know. Unless you live in a hole as many do these days down in the states.

Without further adieu, I bring to you:

My Robot Ears #41

Photo By: Leanne Carmicheal

Safety First

Kink BMX

Sunday, February 8

Top 3's with Matt Desson

Kelowna's own, not pro, but dam well should be Matt Desson of 1664 /&+ No Bikes Clothing threw down (as he usually does) a short top 3 for I R.

Top 3 BC parks to ride:
  1. Penticton Youth Park
  2. Hastings
  3. Skate Plaza

Top 3 peeps to ride with:

"any of my freinds"

Top 3 albums your listening to these days:

"I dont really listen to albums, just whatever Sirus is playing."

Stepping up in the world

I had a photo date with Glen who I met off of Flickr, and what was so great about this day was I got to shoot with a Canon 30D, and 50 f/1.4 prime lense!

It was a fucking dream.

We walked around the Chinese Garden's and walked to the skatepark while he patiently stood beside me as I was trying to get a shot of, Purple Shoes. You can check a few other pics I took that day about 3-4 pages back on my Flickr. Be sure to take a look at Glen's page, he has some amazing shit!

I JUST got this message in my facebook inbox from Jordan Williams of Above This City:

"Hey Wai-Lee, I've got to say that your pictures are amazing, you've got such a rad style; sorry it took me so long to get around to saying that!! My band Above This City is playing a bunch of shows coming up and I think it would be awesome if we could hire you to take some live pics. If you have a second, check out our myspace!

Let me know if you're interested! Thanks! :)


Fucking A!

Friday, February 6





Wednesday, February 4

"My Name is" (David Bruce Bates Jr.) is a New York based comedian known for his comedy shorts and down-to-earth interviews with the celebs. ".com converges pop culture, the fine art world and comedy in off-the-cuff, laid back, guerrilla style videos."

With production work for Scholastic Entertainment, Oxygen Media, MTV Networks, Nickelodeon, Disney online and Co-Producer of Steaming Museum [], Bruce Bates has managed to establish himself as a blogsphere icon.

Q: What does stand for, mean, or represent?
A:I wanted to have a short URL that could also double as my name... since my name is David Bruce Bates Jr, worked out pretty well.

Q: How do you come up with your comedy sketch concepts?
A: I just turn the camera on and act natural, most of it isn't planned out, anything that comes off lame or rehearsed I don't use. Living in new york offers you excellent opportunities to see and meet with the celebs of Hollywood.

Q: How do you get your interview's done with these peeps (are you equipped with press passes, or are they just dazzled by your charm and good looks?
A: I think it's my model good looks...but also, I started officially covering the Gen Art Film Festival in 2006, the VP of FILM Jeff Abramson saw my videos at fashion week, on the "outside" of celebrity events and wondered how my style would translate if I was officially part of the party... So I'm about to do my 4th Gen Art Film Festival this April, I'm really excited to rock out again. [] = so, after doing Gen Art that one time, I'm now on a bunch of PR companies press lists, so I get asked to cover stuff all the time.

Q: These interview's make me laugh, I'm not gonna lie. I wonder if you have questions prepared for them or are you just looking for reactions?
A: I'll always have a few questions prepared but sometimes I just wing it. My "weird" questions such as "how many sugars do you take in your coffee" and "do you believe in UFOs" are all about getting a reaction.

Q: What are your plans for 09, anything we should be looking out for in particular?
A: Completing campaigns for Starburst & PUMA and getting a bunch of great press in AD AGE & TV WEEK helped legitimize my career... so I'm looking to take that momentum and go bigger and get better. I'm in talks with the amazing rock band One-Eyed Doll to go on a month long tour with them, I have no doubt my on-the-scene footage going to random places in America will be some of my best work ever.

Now I've run out of questions for you so how about a quick top 3?

Top 3 film expectations of 09:

  1. Watchmen
  2. Transformers
  3. Terminator

Top 3 attractions in new york that a tourist should check out:

  1. Stand in the middle of Times Square at 44th and Bway (you might see me filming, it's my favorite place in NYC... so many people, so many random things always going on there)
  2. Union Square Park (Like Times Square but instead of tourists it's locals)
  3. Soho (Walk down Broadway, run into models & celebs, or people who think they are)

Animal - Can I Eat?

Tuesday, February 3

Take Notes: Rick Nicholls - How To Hang 5

Rick is now teaching people how to hang 5 via. The Come Up [] wich now brings the total video submissions posted on The Come Up to 12345. Waddup Adam22

Monday, February 2


I had a photoshoot with my girl, Arti at the end of Jan and we killed it. Orginally this photoshoot was for a project I was asked to be apart of but due to conflicting business expectations, I've been dropped. I have no hard feelings at this time, but it was definitely a learning lesson. STICK TO YOUR GUNS, and don't feel like shit because someone else doesn't agree with your direction. No disrespect to you, or your site, and I still love what you do [you know who you are, and I will still continue to support you as a friend.]


Arti and I both agreed we'd use the best photos of the photoshoot for each other's portfolios. [She's only been gorgeous her entire life, and has recently self motivated herself to try to make a name for herself in the modeling world.]

You can see a few shots from the set on My Flickr account

I have a photoshoot with Britt MacDuff in Feburary so that she can apply to be a Suicide Girl and the clothes will be coming off! My favorite.

I'm sick with a possible tooth infection or serious case of wisdom teeth stubbornness, thanks for asking I R Minus

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Sunday, February 1

Lotek - Mixtape

Mixtape SF was a huge let down.

Ay Sea Sea Reporting 3

Feeling the track: "Simon Says" by Pharoahe Monch

Methadone wants you to know:


PHASE02 has recently decided to show some link love to I R. I was just checking out PHASE02 [], nothing unusual about this, they tend to post solid tracks on a regular basis with images of their own blood, sweat & tears. Definitely worth your while to familiarize yourself with this site, especially now that the link love has been extended this direction.

Quote of the Day:

"This machine don't give a shit"