Saturday, July 18

Carlos "DJ BEAT-IT" Munoz Rodriguez

This interview was originally done in May, it has remained un posted in hopes that it would be published in BC Musician Magazine. To no avail. Here is the interview with DJ Beat-It, enjoy.

Q: Start it off with the basics, who are you? where ya from?
A: I am carlos rodriguez a.k.a dj BEAT-IT. I was born in spain but i grew up in Venezuela south america.

Q: At this point in time how many venues and events are you currently spinning for?
A: I spin once a month in an underground venue in Vernon, once a month at a local coffee shop in town with a theme party, haha is ridiculous , this little place goes nutz, i created an event called " HOUSE OF BREAKS" which i do once a month as well, i am going on number 7 now, i bring dj's from all over b.c, plus random outdoor parties and such ,,, so i would say i do 7 shows a month on an average

Q: What would you say is your overall style on the turntables?
A: My style, is diverse i grew up in a family of musicians in south America , so i basically like my sets to be very global, like tons of percussion, different languages, rhythms, i also incorporate lots of scratching and i would say my favorite style is breaks because is ever changing and not monotonous as other genres.

Q: When your not spinning what do you preoccupy yourself with?
A: I am a server/ bartender, i skateboard, snowboard and surf lots.

Q: As a DJ you must have mass amounts of music around, what do you listen to on your own time? Do you find yourself making sets on your off time as well?
A: Oh yeah is like a full time job, i mean i always make time daily to spin at least an hour each day, the good thing is that having your own time and privacy to spin makes you experiment with different genres and energies and wooala!!! fantasy becomes reality.

Q: What are your top 3 tracks this May?
A: Oh that's a hard one haha, specially because most of us dj's are very musically jealous when it comes to share our musical selection, but i will tell you a few,, hmmm, kelevra feauring wiscky jack " clean jeans", buraka sum sistema " hear me" drop the lime remix and BASSNECTAR'S " yo" featuring Christina maria( is a banger).

Q: When did you get into spinning? was there any track or landmark in time that comes to mind?
A: Growing up in Venezuela, my cousin had a break dancing group, so they used to give me 2 piles of records and just tell me to play a track after the other on his turntables while they were dancing, but in south America is a luxury to have turntables, so when i moved to Canada i spent some money on gear and i have been dj'ing and practicing hardcore for 3 years now.

Q: Any major influences?
A: Mayor influences are: Krafty kutz, mark farina, dj kentaro.

Q: Pen is usually overrun with tourists during the summer. Where do you recommend these peeps go during their time here?
A: HAHAHA that's a funny one,, ok " DO NOT GO TO BARS IN PENTICTON DURING SUMMER" LOL,, dj's play on itunes, not even real turntables, a computer mixes for them, plus you are going to be paying top dollar to get in a bar to dance to the same music you were listening to on your way to work, just keep updated on facebook by RAD ENTERTAINMENT events, which we have a ton coming this summer, featuring the next festival called RUSTIC ROBOT 3, this is going to be insane,, a great line up of dj's in a magical location.

Q: Shout outs, cudos or thanks to send out?
A: A shout out to shambhala music festival for showing me the light at the end of the tunnel, fandango farms for being so stoked on me, solartribe soundsystem in whistler, fly djs, mother earth, the music, my friends, my venues and the quest for musical satisfaction..

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