Monday, October 26

My Robot Ears #76

crookers on friday. get pumped.

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Shadow @ Woodward

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Tom Sanders

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Sunday, October 25

My Robot Ears #76

"drip drip there goes an eargasm" - Big Boi
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Levi Rogers & Lloyd Wright

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New Mehdi Mix - Black Black & Black

(All tracks produced and mixed by DJ Mehdi, Ed Banger)
1. Bless
2. BUSTA RHYMES ‘World Go Round’ Remix
3. GHOSTFACE KILLA ‘ Hey Hey’ Remix
4. XXXXX ‘Xxx Xxx Xxxx’ Xxxxx Edit
5. CROOKERS/KID CUDI ‘Embrace The Martian’ Remix Demo
6. MAPEI ‘Leader Of The Pack’
7. MIIKE SNOW ‘Burial’ Remix
8. NOTORIOUS B.I.G ‘Nasty Boy’ Le Cirque Mix
9. JUST JACK ‘Glory Days’ TV Track
10. BUMBLEBEEZ ‘Drop The Bomb’ Ed Rec Allstars Mix
11. MAPEI/SPANK ROCK ‘Public Enemy’
12. JAY-Z ‘I Will Not Lose’
13. NAS ‘Have Fun’
14. Peace

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Fake Blood Essential Mix

“Hello there…

Last Friday, the 13th March, my ESSENTIAL MIX was broadcast on BBC Radio 1.

The theme was this: Rather than just bang it out for 2 hours (yawn) I thought I would split it into 2 distinct halves, and show a wider range of music I love. Plus it makes it more interesting to put together, and to listen to hopefully:

The 1st hour represents THE CLUB, and is the kind of stuff I am playing out. A bit heavier for that apex of the night.

But the 2nd hour is THE AFTER PARTY, and is me playing other stuff I love, but goes a bit deeper, stripped back, melodic and unusual. Music to watch the night turn into morning.

It’ll definitely throw a few people, but that was kind of the intention.”

Hour One: The Club
Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip “Look For The Woman” (Fake Blood Mix)
Hatiras “The New Jam”
VV Brown “Leave!” (Style Of Eye Mix)
Knuckles “Loading”
Underworld “Ring Road” (Fake Blood Mix)
Touche “Vampires”
– w/ Frankie Bones & Lennie Dee “Just As Long As I Got You” Acapella
F#M “Riptide” Riptide “F#M”
EDX “Casa Grande” (Robbie Rivera Mix)
Hot Chip “Touch Too Much” (Fake Blood Mix)
Mustard Pimp “Oh La La Satan” (Jay Robinson Mix)
– w/ Josh Wink “Superfreak” Acapella
Hatiras & Jelo “Donkey Punch”
Boy 8-Bit “Baltic Pine”
Walter Murphy “A 5th Of Beethoven” (Soulwax Edit)
– w/ A+ “Enjoy Yourself” Acapella
Malente & Daniel Dexter “Hyperactive”
– w/ Trick Daddy “Shut Up” Acapella
The Kills “Cheap And Cheerful” (Fake Blood Mix)
DJ Zinc “Blunt Edge”
– w/ Plez “I Can’t Stop” Acapella
Lazy Jay “Float My Boat”
Ink & Needle “Tattoo 3″
– w/ Scenario Rock “Skitzo Dancer” Acapella
Little Boots “Stuck On Repeat” (Fake Blood Mix)
Joachim Garraud “Are U Ready” (Roman Salzger Mix)
Vektorkat “End Run”
– w/ Daft Punk “Revolution 909″ (Roger Sanchez Mix) Acapella
Fake Blood “Mars” (Original / R!M!E Mix / Hatchmatik Mixes)
Electric Light Orchestra “Mr. Blue Sky” (Fake Edit)
– w/ Green Velvet “La La Land” Acapella

Hour Two: The Afterparty
Chateau Flight “Baroque”
Mike Monday “I Am Plankton”
Touche “Spectres”
Butch “Amelie”
Caro, Dapyk & Padberg “Island” feat. Caro (Noze Mix)
Simian Mobile Disco “Run Theme”
Lucio Aquilina “Magic M”
Monochrome “Pearl”
Whomadewho “The Plot” (Noze Mix)
Can “A Spectacle”
In Flagranti “Business Acumen” (Holy Ghost! cover version)
Stephan Bodzin and Marc Romboy “Puck”
– w/ X-Press 2 “Smoke Machine” Acapella
Touche “Zombies”
Giorgio “From Here To Eternity”
Pylon “Cool”
– w/ LCD Soundsystem “Yeah” Acapella
Knuckles “Targus”
Lorenz Rhode “Antidote”
Battle Sequencer “Fish Fingers Part II”
Radiohead “Reckoner” (Diplo Mix)
Seventeen Evergreen “Music Is The Wine” (Joakim Dub)
Bent “To Be Loved”
Fad Gadget “Coitus Interruptus”
David Rubato “Circuit”

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Friday, October 23

Chris Duncan Says: What you got Ryan Fudger?

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Miha Fištravec

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My Robot Ears #74

I've got too much good music to post up on facebook today so I figured a new episode of My Robot Ears was in order. It's earrrly now. Alot of good things going on taking us to the end of October.

  • House Of Breaks 8 is tomorrow night, here it Penticton BC this fine fall.
  • Crookers is making it their business to stop at Kelowna's level night club on October 30th. And the immediate day proceeding this. On Hallo! (Oct 31) is...
  • Old Souls Night in Vernon. Six hundred and seventy (670) confimed guests are ensuring this to be a banger. Im gonna get... hyped... and stoked. Costumes required.
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Friday, October 2

Edit Niaf

My oh my, what a treat. Just stumbled upon a new Parra Soundsystem album while doing some online shopping. The album is another freebie from this particular "system." Enjoy.

1. Intro
2. In the Mood
3. High Five
4. Victim of Wine
5. Crack Betty
6. The Nosemen
7. One Minute Boys
8. Shirtin’
9. I Be Bob
10. Always Let You Down
11. D.R.I.N.K.
12. Sue Me
13. Would You Believe
14. Angel
15. Waisters of the Scene
16. Edit Niaf
17. Content Within the Context of a Platform

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Brian Histand

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Thursday, October 1

Wonk It Out With Bastet

I feel like giving a big MC announcement for this one. Up now is an exclusive with the Okanagan's next up and comer with a little mini mix treat courtesy of FlyDj's Bastet. It's short, it's sweet and unless im very much mistaken this is her first interview??????? Bastet can you confirm this? Regardless, I got up's on those to follow. What. Read along now children and wobble on over to her Blog or her Myspace fo mo.
Q: For those who don't know who are you where ya from and what do you do.
A: I'm a 17 year old girl who escaped from high school at 15 to pursue my
love of creativity and bass. First that lead me to design school in
Vancouver, but I returned to my roots in the Okanagan this spring, and
it's been my first opportunity to totally focus on music. I can't
imagine life without being able to share my passion with the people on
the dancefloor, that energy is the best feeling in the world.

Q: Who, what, where, when and how did you come to be the youngest member
of Kelowna's all female DJ crew FlyDJ'S? Inquiring minds want to
A: I'd been interested in electronic music as long as I can remember. I'd
heard about their Basix program in 2007, and I went to an open house
to check it out. I ended up teaching myself rather than taking the
lessons, but a few months later I was invited to play their night
Evolution and things started rolling after that. They liked my style
and invited me to join the collective; as a beginner DJ it's pretty
intimidating to break into an established scene, and I'm very thankful
they picked me up.

Q: On your blog you make mention of possessing some sneaky ways to beat
club security. Mind sharing a few?
A: It definitely helps if you're a DJ. I don't go to clubs in the
Okanagan unless I'm playing, and just between being overlooked as a
performer, arriving early, and having a non-alcoholic lifestyle I've
never had a problem.

Q: Being underage must have an effect on the venues in which you play.
Are there enough all age events to keep you going or do you have ways
of spinning a set regardless?
A: One thing that's beautiful about the BC scene is that we have a
flourishing open air and independent party circuit, I have a few
tricks for the winter as well. Also, an advantage to starting this
young is that I'll have a lot of experience and networking behind me
the day I'm legally able to play commercial venues.

Q: What's the Okanagan scene like in your eyes? Who's reppin it and where
do you see room for improvemen
A: FlyDJs give a ton of support to newcomers and keep the scene inviting
and evolving. Elevation is the best electronic club night in the
interior, and the Herbalbass crew throw a great party. It would be
interesting to see a more controlled, open environment for underage
ravers to participate in the scene; while I'm an advocate for 17/18+
events I've definitely seen problems due to immature bad judgement.
These kids need to realize that this is a community founded on
respect, and if they don't respect everyone involved it won't survive.

Q: You were most definitely the talk of Shin Diggity and you left everyone wanting a
little bit more Bastet. Do you go in with your sets prepped or let the
chips fall where they may?
A: I usually have the structure worked out beforehand, a vibe and a story
to the set in a selection of a few more tracks than I need; then I
throw down what feels best as I play.

Q: And Im Spent. Much appreciate the interview. And
if you'd like to leave some thanks or shout out's now's a good time:
A: I wouldn't be where I am now without the crew who helped me get
started, and the beautiful bass loving party people who keep the floor
rocking. Watch out for the wonk!

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