Monday, February 16

Take Notes: .com/ Team revisions

First on the docket we have a change in address to announce []. I R official now.

#2 I would like to welcome two have 2 new riders to our team. Mat Ridgeway & Randy Moffat of Vancouver. Typically when you sponsor people you have a product to supply them with so our next step is to get some T's (being the primary product) designed, shipped and out to the riders. I have two designs ready to go and have a few ideas in the works.

/&+ Methadone has been removed from our contributors list. The content of his posts although very much related to the happenings of this site (as he is the first artist on "Minus Recordings"), have been adding a "diary blog" feel to this site. Which is not exactly something that I R is willing to sport. His posts will be kept to properly account for his contributions and he may return at a later date. You can catch updates on all of his recordings @ [].