Monday, June 8

Jean Moustache - Groovecity

Found this album up on Voules Random (another good Canadian blog). Nothing beats a free album no matter the genre. Its like a swift kick in the nuts without the pain and in a good way.

This Jean Moustache character is another frenchy sporting a mask. House music and masks, who would have thought.You'd expect graff artists to have their own custom masks, but then again what they do as already considered "illegal" so there's no need for more attention. Aight aight, enough. Here's the stuff.

Track listing:
  1. Apéro
  2. Monoï Rythm
  3. Choucroute
  4. M.I.L.F. Paradise
  5. Crême Chantilly
  6. Get The Fever
  7. Groovecity
  8. Vodka Champagne
  9. Jokari Beach
  10. Salmon Friend
  11. Ghetto Burger
  12. Rambonette
  13. Goddamn Retriever
  14. Maison Close
  15. Steeve Drag Queen
  16. Afterwork

Jean Moustache - Groovecity []

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