Tuesday, February 23

Nunadat Summer 09 Mixtape

Here is the long time promised summer mixtape. I've been refraining from posting it in hopes that The Come Up would post it. Nope, Adam 22 is a front running duchebag. haha. Regardless, I'm super happy with this edit. Fish came down for a month and we did a Vernon/ Coldstream trip, there's some footy of Rick in Princeton and last but not least Penticton's Inferno Jam. The jam was awsome, Ive never been in a place with so many people that was so quiet. BMXer's know how its done.

I have a few more clips saved up now, can't get them on the comp yet for some reason. Keep an eye out for that edit in the near and upcoming future. T-shirts are once again a project in sight. Hopefully I will be posting more after this 2 to 3 month move. My gmail and hotmail, even my youtube now are about full of music that needs some posting. Wut.

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