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F.r.a.c.t.a.l EP

From hard and unapologetic club bangers to sweet and crunchy electronic ballads, this relentless iconoclast seems able to do it all within a half nuts, half dancefloor lo-fi setting.

F.r.a.c.t.a.l is the project of Paris-based producer Jérémie Kaminski, a self-taught musician and mad sonicist who thrives on always re-inventing himself and exploring new grounds.

"I'm always looking for new ways to create music," he says. "That's why I always use exotic controllers like the Percussa AudioCubes, Lemur, Tenori-On etc... to manipulate sounds."

Kaminski was not born into a musical family but the fanaticism of an uncle towards the Purple Funk of Prince and a passion for skateboarding, that opened up his ears to Hip Hop, with acts such as Naughty by Nature and Public Enemy, were a good place to get an early education.

Where most teenagers aspire to be in a band and play guitar, Kaminski was interested in drum machines and synths. Upon hearing Wish by Nine Inch Nail his fate was sealed.

He became a member of a local band, Insekur, that toured a lot around Paris. But the urge to make his own music soon forced him to go solo, the creation being a solitary thing for Kaminski, and thus was born F.r.a.c.t.a.l.


F.r.a.c.t.a.l - EP

1. Obsolete
2. Arise
3. Paperboy
4. Battlefield
5. Resurrection

Produced by F.r.a.c.t.a.l

Executive Producer: Almamy

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