Thursday, July 9

New CDC Stuff

Dear Ride bmx staff,
Have you all become pussies?
I take it that Ryan Fudge wrote the below text on Cory Nasty's new and original site. I'm absolutely sure it's his job to bitch and complain when he should be stoked and drinking champagne.
Do you really want to take this kinda stand towards such a prolific fixture of bmx? The dude is one of the most original people in the world and this is his life for people to see. Is it really not interesting enough to be awesome!? I think its AWESOME!
I think you all need to check your underwear to see if your mommies need to change them.
FYI...I still love Keith Mulligan.
Chris Duncan

Fine Print Section of Ride BMX August 2009.

  • Cory Nastazio has his own Website, Apparently the "issuez" of Issuez Inc. is taken in a very literal sense, as you can find Cory fighting with his family, recovering stolen bikes, and a lot, lot more. It's sort of eye opening, and were not sure we mean this in a good way.
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