Monday, May 4

Take Notes: Hacked

Apologies for the lack of posts as of late. I am under the impression that my comp here has been hacked. My Facebook status seems to change on its own and messages are sent out from my myspace that I am not responsible for. Hope this explains.

Theres alot going on this summer, the ol video camera is on its way back with a new mic. I'm stoked. Lots of of new footy is expected. Including the new No Bikes video, Rick Nicholls web edit, a few BMX jams, so on and so forth.

My posting will be limited for the time being as for the reason previously mentioned so I'm going to leave it to my fellow contributors to keep this shit alive. I will get to the library whenever possible as not to abandon this project. Tee shirts will be shipped out this summer to our riders and musicians.

Also, I am looking for some minor help with HTML and this place is in dire need of a banner. The I R Minus email has been hacked as well and I just plain can't get into it (I apologize for any inconvenience). If you are interested in helping with any of this maby we can arrange a T for you as well. Get in touch with me at

Ok, I think that's it.....

Nope, new Methadone tarck here entitled "Everyone's Crack." I'm stoked on this one, Methadone is just getting better with time.