Monday, February 2


I had a photoshoot with my girl, Arti at the end of Jan and we killed it. Orginally this photoshoot was for a project I was asked to be apart of but due to conflicting business expectations, I've been dropped. I have no hard feelings at this time, but it was definitely a learning lesson. STICK TO YOUR GUNS, and don't feel like shit because someone else doesn't agree with your direction. No disrespect to you, or your site, and I still love what you do [you know who you are, and I will still continue to support you as a friend.]


Arti and I both agreed we'd use the best photos of the photoshoot for each other's portfolios. [She's only been gorgeous her entire life, and has recently self motivated herself to try to make a name for herself in the modeling world.]

You can see a few shots from the set on My Flickr account

I have a photoshoot with Britt MacDuff in Feburary so that she can apply to be a Suicide Girl and the clothes will be coming off! My favorite.

I'm sick with a possible tooth infection or serious case of wisdom teeth stubbornness, thanks for asking I R Minus

Until next time,
Be good!