Thursday, January 22

Take Notes: Reppin I R

Kkk peeps & peepers, lotsa new new. To start with, Radio Zero has I R linked up on their site []. You can catch Radio Zero Podcasts live @ 101.9 on your FM dial in Vancouver or download them from

Continuing with the good news FLAWLESS (six years in the making) managed to get posted on The Come Up [] which makes the total # of videos on The Come Up to four.

Then I will have you note the "Shop:" title to your right. I R MINUS will have an all out store soon complete with, art, videos, t-shirt's, stickers, demo cd's and lotsa more. Keep checkin the page as all of the previously mentioned items are now being gathered together.

Ok, I think that's it.
Image: I R MINUS ad campaign @ the Penticton Art Gallery