Friday, January 30

Dim Mak Records New MP3 Blog Policy

Dear Online Music Blogs,
After several long meetings and conversations on the subject, we at Dim Mak Records have decided to contact many of the music blogs aka YOU ALL & give you guys the info on our new mailing list and system for blogs. Dim Mak has always approached music blogs with a laid back attitude and shown everyone a lot of love by sending out many of our releases for them to post. However, recently we have decided that we are going to be doing some things differently starting now and we ask that you please respect our decisions as these are in the best interest of promoting the music.

We have created a new mailing list for you music blogs where we will email you songs from every new release which you will have full authorization to post on your websites. The files will usually be around 128-bit and you can do what you want with these. This does not mean you can post up a 192 or 320-bit file of the same record we send you or pick out different songs from that release to post. We have several awesome releases coming out soon like Bloody Beetroots ft Steve Aoki, MSTRKRFT, SPA, Zuper Blahq, & Machines Don’t Care that we want people to get excited about while still making it worthwhile for consumers.

For any of you that feel your blog attracts a large DJ following, we have set up an online record pool for dj’s that want Dim Mak releases in high bitrates. Feel free to post on your website that interested DJ’s can email us at with their name, email, and myspace/website and we will add them to our DJ mailing list and they will be serviced with high bitrates of our releases directly.

We understand that some of your readers might be upset with this decision but please understand that this is a decision that we have spent a lot of time debating and we are giving you files that are truly for promotional use only. Please do not try to circumvent this by continuing to post 320s without our permission as we will be forced to take further action. Thank you!

Love & Happiness,
Dim Mak 4 Life