Monday, April 20

Top 3's with iamxl

A quick top 3's here with our latest contributor. Read along.

As a Vancouver resi what are your top 3 favourite venues?

  1. Celebrities (sound, lights, atmosphere, the closest thing Vancouver has to the mega club experience)
  2. The Lotus (an institution, what more can I say)
  3. Hard to say... a third, there are so many venues that can be decent on any given night; lots of new parties happening around though, the Saturdays at the Biltmore, No More Strangers at Funky Winkerbeans, I respect those trying to do something different and choosing alternative venues. Vancouver's nightlife can be a bit bland, lots of choice, but most of the choices all look and sound the same. Difference is good!
What are your top 3 tracks of April 09?

  1. Booty Cologne - Shake What Your Mama Gave You (feed the monkey remix)
  2. Oli Ple ft McNasty - Play that Shit (right hand barber remix)
  3. The Bloody Beetroots ft. Steve Aoki - Warp (iamxl hustle & flow remix) []

Who are the top 3 producers you would like to collaborate with?

  1. Bob Rifo,
  2. Dave Taylor,
  3. Norman Cook (as if any of these would ever happen, but hey, a guy can always dream)
Vancouver has an excellent list of shows for 09, what are your top 3 most anticipated?
  1. Bloc Party will be fun, i was there for a dj slot with them at Barfly in London, Kele likes to have good time, I think Vancity peeps will dig it. There have already been so many big shows in town this year,
  2. The Bloody Beetroots blew the roof off of Celebrities.
  3. Crystal Castles will be a good gig, their production is on point!
  4. Peaches seldom disappoints.
  5. Hercules and Love Affair will have Aeroplane with them here, and they have been on fire the last year. Ok, that is way more than 3, sorry, ruining your format here.
Who are some people who are repping the Vancouver scene in a major way (this doesn't have to be top 3 necessarily)?

Vancouver is becoming a major, major player on the international scene and is key spot for most international talent on their way through North America. I think some people to watch out for are
  1. CircleSquare [], he is in Berlin now but definitely is reppin' the city.
  2. My friends, Deadbots [] are making some big waves out of Dublin, also
  3. Fan Death are busy girls these days [] just a shame, most artists need to leave the city to really get some serious recognition.
On the subject of 2010 (after receiving your mix) what are the top 3 things that the city of Vancouver should hasn't been on top of (lets call this a priority list for city council)?
  1. Well obviously the issue of homelessness is huge. It's funny growing up in Vancouver, you never really get much perspective on how bad the issue is. Once you leave and have a chance to see other major cities in the world you realize "oh wait, other cities aren't like this". Vancouver's treatment of those people who so desperately need care and assistance is shameful.
  2. The city needs to relax on this whole potential bottled water ban, I agree its wasteful to use and toss out so many plastic bottles, but do you actually expect 2 million Olympic tourists to arrive in town carrying their own re-usable aluminum bottles? Maybe if they provided more places to recycle bottles, that would be a good place to start.
  3. Also, they need to provide better late night transit services. I know there are plenty of safety reasons why the sky train can't operate later than it does, but there needs to be some compromise, at least keep it open later on weekends.